Sign Permits

Service Change:
As of October 19 2015, the City of Mississauga will no longer accept paper based (in person or mail in) submissions for permanent sign permits. All requests for sign permits must go through our new electronic channel. Applications for sign by-law variances will be received in person at our Planning and Building Customer Services Centre.

Mississauga Sign By-law

Keeping the City of Mississauga clean and litter free of unwanted signage and advertising is always a concern to our residents. To ensure that unwanted signs are not posted everywhere, Mississauga City Council enacted a Sign By-law to regulate the types of signs permitted. Sign By-law 0054-2002, regulates the types of signs posted throughout the city. This includes the following:

Examples of regulations:

  • Permit applications

  • Location of signs

  • Zoning category and duration

  • Penalties for contraventions signage

  • Size of the signage - area, height, setbacks

Examples of signs:

  • Sidewalk signs

  • Window

  • Directional

  • New development or Construction

  • Inflatable and portable


It is the responsibility of the business and the property owners to ensure compliance with sign By-law at all times.

Sign By-law 0054-2002

Signs that require a Building Permit and Sign Permit

There are certain signs that require a Building Permit in addition to a Sign Permit to comply with the Sign By-law. The two reviews are conducted concurrently. These are often structurally solid signs.


  • Billboard Signs
    Building permit and sign permit required

  • Construction Site Sign
    Building permit, a sign permit may not be required depending on the dimensions

  • Fascia Sign (sign attached to building)
    Building permit and sign permit required

  • Ground Sign
    Building permit and sign permit required

  • Portable Sign
    sign permit required

It is the responsibility of all property owners and businesses to ensure that they meet the regulations listed within the By-law 0054-2002.