Clair Fang

Clair Fang is one of the current Resident Artists participating in the City of Mississauga’s Resident Artist Program at the Living Arts Centre.

Photograph of dancer

Clair Fang

About the artist

Clair Fang is a commercial and documentary photographer based in the GTA. She is interested in incorporating the stories of her subjects in her photographs. She has extensive experience as a freelance photographer. She holds a Diploma in Electronic Engineering (2013), an Honours bachelor’s degree in photography (2019), and a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media (2022).

In her spare time, Clair enjoys reading and building her book and CD collections. On sunny summer days, you can find her with her two dogs in the garden tending to her vegetables.

Her most recent work, the documentary project “Home“ is an exhibition and photobook that reflects upon an immigration journey referencing the 24 Chinese solar terms in the traditional East Asian lunisolar calendar. Organized into 24 chapters and using the 24 solar terms as a throughline, the book tracks key moments in the artist’s family through short stories.

As a homesick child, the artist didn’t understand her parent’s choices for emigrating to Canada. In Home, she has visited or recreated all the places and important moments in her journey as a first-generation immigrant growing up and living in Canada for the last 18 years. The process of looking for a home has helped her in finding her identity and given her a sense of belonging in her adopted country.