Kat Looby

Kat Looby is one of the current Resident Artists participating in the City of Mississauga’s Resident Artist Program at the Living Arts Centre.

Kat Looby

About the artist

Kat studied Glassblowing at Sheridan College and graduated in 2018. She has been an assistant on 3 seasons of the hit Netflix glass-blowing competition show Blown Away. In 2020 she did a Collection and Curatorial internship at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo, where she curated her first exhibition. She continues to do work for Gallery – including working on the install team for their 2021- 2023 main exhibitions and intermittently teaches classes and works on various art projects with them. As well as doing a fused and stained-glass residency with them in 2022. When not working at galleries or on shows, Kat can be found working for a variety of local glassblowers as well as making her own work and personal projects. In 2023 she was accepted as a resident artist at the Living Arts Centre.

Kat Looby is a glassblower and artist from Cambridge, ON. She loves glass for its ability to hold texture and light, and for the way it mesmerizes those who get to watch the process. Glass has a personality of its own, and half the fun of making glass is getting to bring that personality out.

Her main focus is on functional household wares that bring people together. From lighting to drinkware to vases, various glassblowing techniques allow pieces to look similar but still hold individuality. Something Kat values is being able to give her clients glass that reflects the uniqueness of the user. She likes to use found objects to bring textures into play and loves experimenting with colour. She has recently started developing a non-functional series exploring individual values and struggles, incorporating bird imagery and symbolism.