Nadine Leclerc

Nadine Leclerc is one of the current Resident Artists participating in the City of Mississauga’s Resident Artist Program at the Living Arts Centre.

Nadine Leclerc

About the artist

Nadine Leclerc is an artist, maker, and instructor living in Mississauga, Ontario. Nadine works as a ceramics studio technician and teaches digital art. Nadine has over a decade of professional design experience in the GTA. Recently completing a BFA from York University in Visual Arts. With a focus on sculpture and drawing. Nadine is a diverse and eclectic artist. With the desire to grow their practice to help develop the next generation of creatives.

“As a visual artist with a new media background, I translate memories and moments into visual stories. Creating installations, digital drawings, and animations by combining mediums and disciplines into transmedia works. Interrogating traditional art forms through digital bricolage. The narrative of my work is supported by teachings I have received in ecology, spirituality, and technology. I use this knowledge to express my relationship to memory and land.” – Nadine Leclerc