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Mississauga Seeking Ongoing Support from Provincial and Federal Government 2020 Budgets

Federal and Provincial Pre- Budget Submissions

Local government | February 5, 2020

Today, Mississauga City Council, through a resolution, is seeking sustainable funding from the federal and provincial governments to help alleviate pressures associated with city-building initiatives and other priorities.

The City has identified the following areas of focus for support:

  • strategic transit investments
  • investments for climate change
  • legislative change and support to help increase affordable housing
  • sustainable infrastructure funding
  • investment in development of the city’s waterfront and other city-building initiatives

“Mississauga is a diverse, dynamic and growing global city, home to nearly 800,000 residents, and 98,000 businesses,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “We are a city in demand and our growth requires long-term, sustainable, and predictable funding from our federal and provincial partners to keep our high quality of life. From building and maintaining aging infrastructure like roads, bridges, and cycling paths, to increasing the supply of affordable housing, fighting climate change and keeping Mississauga moving on a reliable, regionally-integrated transit network, we urge senior levels of government to prioritize Mississauga and municipal priorities in their upcoming budgets. Cities like Mississauga deliver. City building is nation-building. Only with their ongoing support can we realize our full potential and make sure Mississauga remains a place where people want to live, work, raise their families and do business for generations to come.”

Consistent funding to support transit projects continues to be a priority to promote future growth across the city to help residents and visitors move safer, faster and more efficiently to their destination. This includes needed investments for initiatives such as the Dundas Bus Rapid Transit, Higher-Order Transit on the Lakeshore Road Corridor, the Downtown Mississauga Terminal and Transitway Connection and restoring the downtown loop for Hurontario Light Rail Transit.

“Our staff look for ways to offset costs in efforts to continue to build a great city,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer.  “Property taxes, development charges and user fees are not sufficient to fund large infrastructure projects in areas pertaining to transit, recreation and culture, while at the same time funding state of good repair needs on existing infrastructure. We look to our partners in the provincial and federal governments to provide the capital funding or legislative changes to support future growth and position Mississauga for success.”

The City is also focused on building initiatives to position Mississauga as a city of the future. Development projects associated with road rehabilitation, asset management, cycling, parks and the waterfront such as the Port Credit Public Marina require long-term support from the federal and provincial governments to build and maintain.

Read the full submissions:

2020 Federal Pre-Budget Submission

2020 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission


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