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Mississauga’s Dog Walking Permit Available on June 15, 2015

City services | May 13, 2015

The City of Mississauga is setting new standards for the number of dogs one individual can bring into a park with a Leash-Free Zone. These changes are aimed at keeping Leash-Free Zones safe for all Leash-Free Zone users.

Anyone walking more than four dogs at one time, up to a limit of eight dogs, in a park with a Leash-Free Zone or a Leash-Free Zone will need to first obtain a dog walking permit from the City of Mississauga. No person will be permitted to walk more than eight dogs, even with a dog walking permit.

The Dog Walker Permit Fee for a dog walker will be $250, with a $50 charge for each additional dog walker associated with the original permit. The new Dog Walker Permit will be available June 15, 2015.

Animal Services and Security Officers will monitor City Parks with Leash-Free Zones to ensure the number of dogs per walker meets the requirements set out in the Parks By-law and the Animal Care and Control By-law.

For more information read the corporate report, Mississauga Leash-Free Zones and Amendments to the Animal Care and Control By-law 0098-04.


In 1997, Council formalized Leash-Free Zones in City parks. Leash-Free Zones are maintained and managed by volunteers and all costs are covered by volunteer fundraising efforts and annual membership fees.

Leash-Free Mississauga (LFM) is a non-profit organization established in 1997. LFM has funded and operated the seven existing Leash-Free Zones in Mississauga under the governance of a Board of Directors.

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