News release

Practice Safe Rideshare Habits This Holiday Season

Business and innovation | November 28, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching. During this busy time of parties and celebrations, many people will use rideshare to get them to and from holiday events.

The City of Mississauga is reminding everyone to practice safe ridesharing habits:

  • Confirm the vehicle’s plate number as shown in the app
  • Match the driver profile with the description provided in the app
  • Ask your driver “what’s my name?” before getting into the vehicle
  • Wait for your ride indoors
  • Tell a friend where you’re going
  • Ride in the back seat
  • Map your own route during the ride
  • Don’t share private information with the driver

Practicing sound rideshare habits will help ensure everyone has a safe holiday season. Residents are encouraged to report any concerns by calling 311. In an emergency, always call 911.

The City of Mississauga is mandated to enhance consumer protection and public safety through its Transportation Network Company Licensing By-law that regulates rideshare companies operating in the City.