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Taxi Licensing Under Review

Local government | June 25, 2014

The City of Mississauga is reviewing its taxi licensing system including the number of taxicabs and accessible taxicabs to meet future needs in the city.

“This review will provide information needed to make the right choices for Mississauga,” said Ward 7 Councillor Nando Iannicca and Chair of the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee.

“Input from different sources will help provide a full view of what is required,” said Ward 6 Councillor Ron Starr and Vice Chair of the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee.

“The City is reviewing its taxi licensing system to update it and ensure it provides efficient and orderly taxi service,” said Mickey Frost, Director, Enforcement. “An important part of the review is hearing from Mississauga stakeholders from both the industry and people who use taxis.”

Stakeholders from hospitality, convention and tourism organizations and civic administrators will be interviewed in July 2014 and conversations with the general public will take place in the fall. The review is being done by a consulting firm with more than twenty years’ experience in the taxi industry.

Interviews will cover a number of topics including:

Number of Taxis
• current number of taxis
• how licensing works
• comparison with other cities
• sharing data (companies)

Percentage of Accessible Taxis
• Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA)
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service requires taxi service providers to make reasonable efforts to ensure that “persons with disabilities be given an opportunity equal to that given to others.”
• setting a target percentage for accessible taxis
• meeting the target

Method of plate issue
• how should new taxi plates be issued
• how should accessible taxi plates be issued

Meter Rates
• current rates
• recent changes in costs
• how rates are adjusted
• rate structure

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