These are some of the important locations throughout the city that may be of interest to residents.Hospitals, fire stations, the courthouse location are all easily located below.Additionally, the feature banner on the right margin will open an interactive Flash map with many other facilities and service locations shown.

All of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. This software is free and available from the Adobe Website.

  Baseball and Softball Locations  
  Map showing all the Baseball and Softball locations in the City.

  City Hospitals Map  
  Looking for a City Hospital? Here is a map for the Trillium Health Centre and Credit Valley Hospital.

  Courthouse Map  
  Provincial Courthouse - 950 Burnhamthorpe

  Interactive Fire Station Map  
  An interactive map which allows you to view our striations and their accompanying vehicle.

  Multi Use Ramp Parks Location Map  
  Skatpark Location Map

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