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Parkland conveyance and cash-in-lieu

Parks and public spaces play an important role in our city. As Mississauga grows, the demand for parkland increases as well.

When new development or redevelopment happens, the City can require one of the following:

  • Dedication of land for parks or other public recreational purposes
  • Payment called cash-in-lieu of parkland
  • Combination of parkland conveyance and a cash-in-lieu of parkland payment

The amount of parkland and cash-in-lieu are calculated in accordance with the City’s Parkland Conveyance By-law and the Planning Act.

Cash-in-lieu of parkland payments

You can pay cash-in-lieu of parkland by electronic funds transfer or wire transfer.

Parkland Conveyance By-law and Parks Plan review

The City’s by-law is currently being updated to reflect changes to the Planning Act and the changing nature of development in Mississauga,

A Parks Plan is also being drafted to demonstrate the City’s need for parkland in support of the by-law.

Learn more about the Parks Plan and Parkland Conveyance By-law update.