Civic Recognition Program

Celebrate excellence and achievements in our community!

It's easy to do with the City of Mississauga's Annual Civic Recognition Program.

You can help the Mayor and Members of Council recognize the achievements of Mississauga residents and organizations, honour volunteer contributions or acknowledge significant milestones.

To participate in the Civic Recognition Program, simply review the questions below and complete the nomination form. You can either submit online or download the form and fill it out by hand. 


1. How do I know who/what is eligible?

Anyone may nominate a deserving person, group, organization or business that meets the following guidelines.

If you’re nominating an individual, they must: 

  • have volunteered for organizations that serve Mississauga and its residents; or 
  • reside in the City of Mississauga at the time of the achievement or milestone; or 
  • have been educated or trained for most of their lives in the City of Mississauga (i.e. athletes)

If you’re nominating a community group or organization, it must:

  • serve Mississauga residents and have a majority of its members living in Mississauga (non-resident members will be recognized only as part of the group)

If you’re nominating a business, it must:

  • operate from facilities located within Mississauga’s boundaries

If you’re nominating a City of Mississauga employee, their volunteer work must not:

  • be part of the function for which they are employed by the City of Mississauga
  • none of the work could have been performed during regular work hours

Note: The nominee’s supervisor and/or manager will be asked to verify the information provided.


2. What achievements are recognized?

Voluntary Community Service - Individuals or groups that have improved the quality of life in our community through volunteer efforts.

Youth Community and Civic Engagement - Youth between 14 and 24 who have contributed more than 100 voluntary hours to community or civic activities.

Achievement in Sports - Athletes or teams that win championships at a city-wide, regional, provincial, national or international level.

Achievement in Arts - Artists or arts groups that win competitions, juried shows or exhibitions. Outstanding accomplishments in academic fields may also be recognized.


3. What types of awards are available?

Certificate of Recognition

In general, a Certificate of Recognition is presented to individuals or groups that have made an impact at the local, regional or provincial level.

An impact may include: voluntary efforts; exemplary actions, achievements or contributions; or winning championships, competitions or exhibitions.

Certificates of Recognition may be presented by the Mayor or a Member of Council at a function arranged by the nominator or nominating organization.

If there is no function or special occasion, the Certificate of Recognition can be picked up by the nominator or if desired, mailed directly to the recipient.

Nominations for Certificates of Recognition are reviewed continuously throughout the year. Nominators will be advised of the status of their nominations by phone.


Civic Award of Recognition

In general, a Civic Award of Recognition is presented to:

  • residents who have volunteered in the community for 10 years or more (with subsequent recognition given in ten-year intervals);
  • businesses, community groups or individuals who have consistently removed barriers for people with disabilities;
  • youth ages 14 to 24 who volunteer for more than 100 hours in community and civic activities; and
  • individuals, groups and organizations that have earned acclaim in arts or sports at the national or international level.

Civic Awards of Recognition are presented once a year. The City hosts a special ceremony for recipients and their guests, with award presentations made by the Mayor. A brief reception follows the ceremony.

Nominations for the Civic Award of Recognition are reviewed once a year to coincide with the planning for the awards evening. Nominators will be advised of the status of their nomination by email.


Civic Award of Merit

This is the highest form of recognition available. Only City Council can nominate individuals for this honour.

Silken Laumann was given a Civic Award of Merit in 1992 for the courage, perseverance and personal strength she displayed in her comeback from a potentially career-ending injury prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Oscar Peterson was bestowed a Civic Award of Merit in 2003 for his outstanding accomplishment as a world renowned jazz pianist whose talent and music continues to be enjoyed by millions of people everywhere today.


4. Are there any other types of recognition?

Milestones, such as significant birthdays or anniversaries of individuals, community groups, organizations and associations, as well as official openings or anniversaries of local businesses are recognized.

Eligible milestones include: couples celebrating wedding anniversaries (in five-year intervals starting with the 50th); individuals celebrating birthdays (in five-year intervals starting with the 90th); community groups, organizations, associations or businesses celebrating anniversaries (in five-year intervals starting with the 10th); and businesses celebrating official openings.

Milestones may be recognized with a Certificate of Recognition, a letter from the Mayor or a plaque.

To arrange for recognition of an individual’s birthday or a couple’s anniversary, please call the Communications Division at 3-1-1 or if calling outside City limits, call 905-615-4311. For all other milestones, complete the Civic Recognition Program nomination form.


5. How do I submit a nomination?

The Civic Recognition Program nomination form will guide you through the process. For the best results, follow the instructions carefully.

For more information about the City’s Civic Recognition Program call 3-1-1 (905-615-4311 if outside City limits). Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Due to capacity in the Council Chamber, only 100 nominees will be honoured each year, so it is important to send your nomination/s in as quickly as possible through the online nomination form or by email to

Nominations are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. To be considered for 2019, nominations must be received by 4:30 p.m. on May 3, 2019.


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