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Environment in the Community

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Get Involved

Here is what you can do to build a greener Mississauga.

The Climate Change Project

We’re developing our first Climate Change Action Plan to prepare Mississauga for the impacts of a changing global climate. Starting in early 2018, we'll be engaging residents, business and local partners to create responsible solutions for both the City and community. More about the Plan.

MiWay Student Ambassador Program

Are you a high school student looking for ways to make a difference in your community? Become a MiWay Student Ambassador and educate other high school students about the benefits of taking public transit. Earn volunteer hours and win prizes! MiWay Student Ambassador Program.

Plant Trees

There are 2 million trees in Mississauga. Let's add one million more. Join a community tree planting, or get involved in a One Million Trees planting program. More about planting trees.

Recycle Your Batteries

Ever wonder what to do with your old batteries? Drop them off at a battery recycling station located at your local Library and Community Centre. Visit our battery recycling page for more information. More about battery recycling.

Clean up Mississauga

Participate in a volunteer clean-up with the City of Mississauga’s Don't Be A Litterbug program and help fight the battle against litter in Mississauga. Schools can also take part in the "Green Chair" initiative where students educate others about a litter free Mississauga. More about cleaning up Mississauga.

Volunteer as a Community Green Leader

Are you interested in environmental issues? Do you want to help make Mississauga a greener, more environmentally friendly city? Volunteer as a Community Green Leader and help spread the word about how residents can take action to help green their communities. Contact us for more information.