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Lakeview Review

The Lakeview review is a City initiated land use study that is part of the continuing program to ensure the policies in these areas remain valid and current.

The purpose of the review is to update the policies to reflect changes in local circumstances and to be consistent with Provincial, Regional and City wide planning initiatives.

The review takes into consideration relevant findings from other corporate studies that affect these areas, as well as policy directions identified through the public engagement process, where appropriate.


Statutory Public Meeting

Meeting Date:

Monday, June 2, 2014


7:00 p.m.

Meeting Place:

Mississauga Civic Centre, Council Chambers
300 City Centre Drive


This is a statutory public meeting required by the Planning Act.

Planning and Development Committee
June 2, 2014

Corporate Report

Open House and Presentation

Meeting Date:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


5:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Presentation at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Place:

Mississauga Seniors' Centre, Lucy Turnball Room
1389 Cawthra Road
(North of Lakeshore Road East, and on the east side of Cawthra Road)


The City of Mississauga has undertaken a review of the Lakeview Local Area Plan and City staff have prepared draft policies that are to be incorporated into the Mississauga Official Plan ("Official Plan"). The City as part of its public consultation program is hosting a public open house.
The general purpose of this open house is to provide an overview of the policies in the Draft Lakeview Local Area Plan, January 2014 ("Area Plan").
There will be an opportunity at the open house to review the Area Plan, provide feedback, and submit comments.


Open House Display Boards April 1, 2014

Open House Slide Presentation April 1, 2014

Open House Comment Sheet April 1, 2014


A Local Advisory Panel ("Advisory Panel") for the Lakeview area was established to facilitate discussion and provide input into the policy formulation for the Lakeview area. The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to provide an independent advisory body to staff preparing the Lakeview Area Plan for the Official Plan.

The mandate of the Advisory Panel is to:

  • Advise and assist in providing input into the proposed policies or guidelines for the area;

  • Work co-operatively in facilitating discussion and input to City staff for consideration in the decision-making process; and

  • Enhance the public engagement process

Planning and Development Committee
February 17, 2009

Corporate Report
* Lakeview and Port Credit Local Advisory Panels - Terms of Reference 

Lakeview Local Advisory Panel
The Lakeview Local Advisory Panel will discuss a range of issues related to the review of the District Plan. Minutes from each meeting will be taken and posted on this web-site.

Panel Membership



A consortium led by Brook McIlroy Planning + Urban Design | Pace Architects (BMI/Pace) has been retained by the City of Mississauga to provide consulting services for the Lakeview and Port Credit District Policies Review - Public Engagement Process.

The purpose of the public engagement process is to review and summarize existing conditions, the planning context, and development opportunities and constraints to assist the community and stakeholders in developing options for the future.

One of the first components of the Lakeview review is to undertake a public engagement process. The public engagement was a joint process involving the Lakeview and Port Credit communities. The process began with the Kick-off meeting in November of 2007, followed by Visioning Sessions in December, and Place Making Workshops in January and February of 2008. Youth Engagement Exercises and an Open House were held in the spring. On November 17, 2008, the Directions Report, which is a summary of community input and recommendations, was presented to Planning and Development Committee.

The recommendations will be reviewed by staff in the formulation of the land use policies for Lakeview and Port Credit. The public will have the opportunity to review and provide input into the policies once they have been drafted. Staff will take the draft land use policies back to the public for their review and comment once they have been drafted.


Planning and Development Committee
November 17, 2008

Corporate Report

Directions Report


Community Open House
June 19, 2008

Youth Engagement Exercise
April 8, 2008


Port Credit

Port Credit Place Making Workshop
February 20, 2008


Background Booklets:


Ideas from Group:


Lakeview Place Making Workshop
January 30, 2008


Background Booklets:


Ideas from Group:


Port Credit Visioning Session
December 11, 2007

Lakeview Visioning Session
December 10, 2007

Kick-Off Meeting
November 22, 2007


Contact Information

For more information please contact the City of Mississauga, Planning and Building Department, Policy Planning Division:

image of Port Credit

Lakeview Area
Karin Phuong, City Planner
(905) 615-3200 ext. 3806

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