Living Arts Drive Extension EA Study

Living Arts Drive Extension Class EA Study

The City of Mississauga is undertaking a study for the proposed extension of Living Arts Drive between Rathburn Road West and Centre View Drive. The Study is being carried out in accordance with the requirements of a Schedule B undertaking as outlined in the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Manual (October 2000, amended in 2015), which is an approved process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

image of the study area

The study will examine how traffic operates on nearby roadways both now, and in the future. Opportunities to improve the capacity of roadways and intersections within the study area, as well as accommodate future land uses, will also be explored as part of this study. It will also examine the impacts of extending Living Arts Drive on the social, cultural and natural environments and develop mitigation measures. The entire study process will be documented within a Project File, which will be available for public review at the end of the study.

Consultation is an important part of the Municipal Class EA process. Throughout the study, the City will engage various agencies and members of the community, and consider their opinions as part of any decisions that are made.

Project Documents

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