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A Park Access Permit is required to access your private property from a City park or trail to complete all work including landscaping, construction, tree removal, renovations and building a deck, fence or pool.

A Park Access Permit Application form must be completed and submitted to Parks & Forestry Division along with a certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance MUST be completed by your private insurer, with at least $2 million in coverage and identifying the City of Mississauga as an additional insured.

Application Process

To start the application process, call 3-1-1 (905-615-4311 if outside City limits).

Park Permit applications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to date required.

Once the completed application and the insurance certificate are received, staff will schedule a site visit to determine conditions for approval and provide residents with an update.

Park Access Permit Application

A non-refundable permit fee will apply for all Park Access Permits. Security deposits may also be requested. This will be determined based on each project. Approved fees are available by clicking here.



NOTE: No access is allowed until Parks and Forestry has approved the park access permit. If you have any questions please contact 3-1-1 (905-615-4311 if outside City limits).

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