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Rental Housing Protection By-Law

Rental housing is an important part of the City’s housing strategy Making Room for the Middle: A Housing Strategy for Mississauga. The Rental Housing Protection By-Law was approved by Council in June 2018 to protect the rental housing supply and the by-law is now in force.


How does the by-law work?

The by-law requires a new permit (Section 99.1 Permit) for the conversion of rental units to condominium ownership and the demolition of rental units.


Applications for conversion or demolition of rental units after January 1, 2019 that have not received Council approval before June 1, 2019 will need a permit.


The by-law applies when:

  • There are six (6) or more existing purpose-built rental units

  • The City’s vacancy rate is below 3% (current overall vacancy rate is 1.2%*)

  • Rents are 1.75 times average market rent or lower (see table below)

2020 Average Market Rents by Type of Unit

Unit Type Average Market Rent ($)* 1.75 Times Average Market Rent ($)
Bachelor $1,007 $1,762
1 Bedroom $1,297 $2,270
2 Bedrooms $1,462 $2,559
3 Bedrooms $1,652 $2,891
Average $1,425 $2,494

*CMHC Rental Market Report (2019)


When vacancy rates are below a balanced market threshold of 3% and rent levels are below 1.75 times average market rent a permit is needed based on conditions in the City’s Guidelines.


What are the City’s guidelines for conversion or demolition of rental units?

Conversions Demolitions
  • 1 to 1 retention

  • units retained for 20 years

  • at similar rents
  • 1 to 1 replacement

  • by type of unit (same number of bedrooms)

  • at similar rents


Options to replace demolished units include replacement:

  • On-site

  • Off-site in a comparable location

  • Cash-in-lieu not permitted on properties along Hurontario Street and Dundas Street

Related information:

Please contact the Customer Service Centre at 3-1-1, or if calling outside the City limits call 905-615-4311 for further information.