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Vision Cooksville

The Vision Cooksville Report - A Long-Range Community Vision for Downtown Cooksville was approved by Council on July 7, 2016. Thank you to all who participated.

Final Vision Report (8.62 MB) (pdf)

Corporate Report (36.11 MB) (pdf)


What will Cooksville look like in 20 to 30 years?


Cooksville will be transformed over the next 20 to 30 years through:

  • intensification

  • infrastructure investment

  • redevelopment

  • revitalization

Vision Cooksville was a City initiative that engaged the community to create a long-range vision for this growing urban area.


Downtown Cooksville is a vibrant, diverse, multicultural urban neighbourhood centered around the busy intersection of Dundas and Hurontario Street. It is approximately one square kilometre in size.

Home to 11,000 residents with 7,000 more to come over the next 20 years, it is the most culturally diverse community in Mississauga.

The area is a mix of commercial services, small businesses, restaurants, strip malls, apartment buildings, townhouses and offices. Plans to expand transit will generate further growth, redevelopment and investment.


Study Area Map — High Resolution (6.83 MB) (pdf)

Rich in history, Cooksville was first established around 1809. It became the centre of an early entrepreneurial empire, home to Canada's first commercial winery and the centre of politics in Toronto Township. The story of Cooksville is of constant change.

Heritage Mississauga - Cooksville

Downtown Cooksville has historically been a major transportation hub centred around the busy intersection of Hurontario and Dundas.

Metrolinx is working with the City of Mississauga, as part of the Province's Moving Ontario Forward Plan, to:

  • build the Hurontario - Light Rail Transit Project

  • create a master plan for Dundas Connects, and

  • build a new Cooksville GO Station.

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This public infrastructure investment will bring significant change to Cooksville and will spark improvements and revitalization.

Community Meeting # 3 held on March 7, 2016

Presentation (32.98 MB) (pdf)

Draft Vision and Principles (32.98 MB) (pdf)

Community Visioning Meeting #2 held on January 25 and January 27, 2016

Presentation (19.40 MB) (pdf)

Vision Cooksville Community Meeting #2 Workbook (14.51 MB) (pdf)


Community Visioning Meeting #1 held on November 23, 2015

Presentation (11.99 MB) (pdf)

Vision Cooksville Consultation Interim Summary (5.44 MB) (pdf)


On The Spot Survey Day in Cooksville held on November 16, 2015

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Community Meeting #3 held on

March 7, 2016


Community Visioning Meeting #2 held on

January 25 & January 27, 2016


Community Visioning Meeting #1 held on

November 23, 2015


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