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Back to School!

City services | September 6, 2022

Back to Bed school!

It’s almost impossible for most parents to say the phrase ‘back-to-school’ without also singing those three beautiful words whimsically in their heads while grinning like a cat with a secret.

Regardless of how you feel about back-to-school, the Sunday of summer better known as September has arrived and every parent out there is tripping over their children to welcome this long-lost friend back into their lives.

To ensure the 2022/2023 school year is a total success, preparation is needed. For instance: 

  • Bedtime routine: the first week can be used to get back into that early-to-rise, early-to-bed routine that, although may not be a favourite among the young, can certainly be mastered. A few days in the classroom will help parents work this specific magic.
  • School walking routes: the City is focused on keeping kids safe on their way to and from school. When school starts, more than 200 school crossing guards will assist students through the City’s School Walking Routes plan to make this a safe and successful year.
  • Remind kids to stay alert: when sending kids out the door, don’t forget to check their ears. Not for the telltale marks that let you know they have forgotten to wash this particular area, but to ensure they aren’t wearing ear buds or headphones if their route to school crosses any railroad tracks. Because newer trains tend to be quiet, they may not be heard coming so it’s best to stay alert and off all phones and devices while in these areas.
  • Drivers, this one’s for you: be and stay alert. Obey the posted speed limits and follow the rules at drop-off and pick-up locations.

More road safety and back-to-school tips.


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