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Bringing More Affordable Housing to Mississauga: Inclusionary Zoning Update and Statutory Public Meeting

City building | May 17, 2022

On Monday, May 30, staff will present the City’s draft policies to implement inclusionary zoning. Inclusionary zoning is a tool that can help to increase the supply of affordable housing in Mississauga by requiring that new developments include affordable housing units. Currently, inclusionary zoning is only allowed to be used in major transit station areas or other areas directed by the Government of Ontario.

During the meeting, staff will provide an update and take feedback on:

  • Size and type of projects where inclusionary zoning will apply
  • Percentage of affordable units required
  • Areas where inclusionary zoning will be used in the City
  • Amount of time units must remain affordable
  • Implementation timeframe

Housing affordability is a major issue in Mississauga and the wider GTA. Inclusionary zoning is an important tool the City can use to protect and grow the affordable housing supply.


Statutory public meeting for the City’s Inclusionary Zoning Study at Planning and Development Committee


Planning and Development Committee
May 30, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.


  • Mississauga residents
  • Business and property owners
  • Developers and development industry
  • Housing advocates
  • Interested stakeholders

How to Participate:

You may watch the live stream on the City’s website (without registering).

Advance registration is required to participate and/or make a comment virtually during the meeting. Advance registration is preferred to participate and/or make a comment in person. Please email or call 905-615-3200 ext. 4915 no later than Friday, May 27, 2022 at 4 p.m. and provide your name and phone number. Any materials you wish to show the Committee during your presentation must be provided as an attachment to the email. Links to cloud services will not be accepted. You will be provided with directions on how to participate from the City’s Clerks’ staff.


Since the adoption of Making Room for the Middle – A Housing Strategy for Mississauga in 2017, the City has been implementing various strategies and tools to improve housing affordability for Mississauga’s middle-income households. Inclusionary zoning was identified as one of the tools in the strategy.

Visit our website for more information about how the City is tackling housing affordability.



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