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City Applies for Federal Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program Funding

Business and innovation | June 8, 2015

At a special meeting of Council last week, staff brought forward 72 projects to be submitted for consideration under the Federal Government’s new Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (Canada 150), a co-ordinated federal approach to celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. Members of Council unanimously endorsed the request for funding.

“This new investment opportunity will help strengthen Mississauga’s infrastructure and provide increased economic benefits for neighbourhoods across our City,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “The City of Mississauga is well positioned to make local investments to update playgrounds, trails and sites that are important to Mississauga and Canada’s rich history. This is especially important as we prepare for the 150th anniversary of Confederation and our nation’s founding.”

Over the next two years, Canada 150 will provide $150 million across the country to fund 1,800 community infrastructure projects that rehabilitate, renovate and expand existing community infrastructure. All submitted projects must tie into celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.

As part of the two-year Canada 150 funding, communities in Southern Ontario will receive $44 million for projects completed before March 31, 2018. The maximum funding available for any one project is limited to $1 million. All submissions must get a minimum of 50 per cent funding from other sources. Priority will be given to community projects that can be completed by June 2017 and that can leverage two-thirds or more of funding.

Mayor Crombie adds, “I would like to show my appreciation to our Members of Parliament and City staff for working together to identify important community projects as part of this new federal infrastructure investment program. All proposed projects make necessary improvements to existing community infrastructure that will help further elevate Mississauga’s unrivalled quality of life for families and residents of all ages.”

Funding is eligible for:

  • the rehabilitation, renovation and expansion of existing community infrastructure assets that are non-commercial in nature
  • communities in southern Ontaricommunity infrastructure open for use to the public and not limited to a private membership

“If the City were to receive approval for all of the grants submitted, this opportunity provides us with approximately $7 million in infrastructure funding,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administration Officer. “The City will fund the balance, including ineligible costs, primarily through taxes and reserve funds. The City will be using funds included in the 10 year forecast so there will be no tax increases required to fund our portion of the program.”

Proposed City Redevelopment/Reconstruction Projects

Ward 1

  • Playground redevelopment – Laughton Heights playground, Lyndwood playground
  • Trail reconstruction – Spruce, Lakeview, Douglas Kennedy
  • Port Credit Waterfront Trail pedestrian bridge refurbishment

Ward 2

  • Playground redevelopment – Birch Glen playground, Birchwood playground
  • Trail reconstruction –  Birch Glen, Sheridan Creek Trail
  • Clarkson Park field redevelopment (artificial turf)

Ward 3

  • Playground redevelopment – Allison’s Park playground, Applewood Hills playground
  • Trail reconstruction – Allison’s Park, Applewood Heights, Forest Glen, Garnetwood,  Jaycee Park Regional inclusive playground development

Ward 4

  • Playground redevelopment – Parkway Green playground, Rayfield playground
  • Trail reconstruction – Bishopstoke, Huron Heights, Stonebrook, Woodington Green
  • Mississauga Celebration Square/Civic Centre event lighting improvements

Ward 5

  • Playground redevelopment – Brandon Gate playground, Westwood playground
  • Trail reconstruction – Derry Greenway, Father Joseph A. Nolan, Malton Greenway, Max Ward, Victory
  • Elmcreek Park Regional inclusive playground development

Ward 6

  • Playground redevelopment – Fallingbrook playground, Ashgate playground
  • Trail reconstruction – Creditview Multi Use Trail
  • Riverwood/Chappell House improvements

Ward 7

  • Playground redevelopment – Iroquois Flats playground, Stillmeadow playground
  • Trail reconstruction – Iroquois Flats, Huron, Fairview, Avongate, Camilla, Knights of Columbus Place Trail
  • Hancock Header House and Office reconstruction

Ward 8

  • Playground redevelopment – Pheasant Run playground, Trapper’s Green playground
  • Trail redevelopment – Crawford Green, Pheasant Run
  • South Common Community Centre – customer service desk accessibility and safety improvements

Ward 9

  • Playground redevelopment – Windwood Hunter’s Green playground
  • Trail reconstruction –  Lake Wabukayne Trail
  • Lake Aquitaine splash pad, hard surface and dock reconstruction

Ward 10

  • Playground redevelopment – Cordingley playground, Johnny Bower playground
  • Trail redevelopment – Avonlea Grove, Lisgar Green, Lisgar Meadow Brook, Marco Muzzo Memorial Woods
  • Stonewood Park soccer field reconstruction

Ward 11

  • Playground redevelopment – Bancroft playground, Gooderham playground
  • Trail redevelopment – Bidwell Trail Common, Erin Woods, F. B. McFarren Memorial, Levi’s Valley, Manor Hill, Vista Heights
  • Parking lot improvements for Jon Clipperton Park and Streetsville Cadet Centre

All submissions for Canada 150 will be accepted until 5 p.m. on June 9, 2015. The City will be notified of all successful funding applications before October 1, 2015.

For more information about the federal funding program, please visit: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.


As part of Economic Action Plan 2015 and a co-ordinated federal approach to celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Federal Government announced the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program on May 15, 2015.

Projects were recommended because:

  1. They can be substantially completed by June 2017
  2. They best meet the Canada 150 program criteria and timelines

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