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City Calls On the Federal and Provincial Governments to Work Together on All-Day, Two-Way GO Rail Service on the Milton Line

Local government | September 14, 2021

The City of Mississauga is again making a strong push for the federal and provincial governments to work together to fund two-way, all-day GO service on the Milton Corridor. This request follows the recent August 10, 2021 announcement by the federal government to fund improvements to the corridor.

“Mississauga is a net importer of jobs, but right now the trains on the Milton Line run the wrong way – west to east in the morning, and east to west at night. The reality is that we are no longer a bedroom community to Toronto, but an economic hub in our own right. Our transit systems need to reflect this reality and give commuters an option to travel both ways, all day. At the same time, we desperately need reliable and convenient rapid transit to get cars off the road and break gridlock and congestion. The federal and provincial governments need to come together and make this service happen as soon as possible.”

The Milton GO Rail corridor is a critical element in Mississauga’s rapid transit network and one of the busiest corridors in GO Transit’s rail network after the Lakeshore line. Service on the Milton GO line is presently limited to one-way service during peak hours. A revised business case prepared by the City of Mississauga shows the need for all-day, two-way service on this corridor. Highlights include:

  • The Milton Corridor is the third busiest corridor in the GO network
  • Over 7 million passengers travelled on the Milton GO train in 2019
  • Another 1.9 million used the Milton Line GO Bus when the train was not available
  • 7,900 businesses and over 143,000 jobs rely on this corridor
  • One-third of all businesses and employment in Mississauga are along this corridor
  • The corridor will intersect with the Hurontario LRT and is within 1 km of the future Dundas BRT

“I was pleased to see the federal government announce support for this project,” said Ward 9 City Councillor, Pat Saito. “It’s the first time in 30 years there has been a real public commitment to improving service on this corridor. The Milton GO Line is well-used by our local community, but does not adequately serve the needs of our business community, especially in the Meadowvale Business Park.  We need an all day two way service that our businesses can rely upon to attract and retain top talent. I thank the federal  government for their contribution and commitment and ask the provincial government to step up and match the funds to make this project happen.”

The need for two-way, all-day GO rail service on the Milton GO line is supported through multiple planning, infrastructure and transit programs. One of the largest is the Metrolinx GO Expansion. It responds to growing traffic congestion and increasing demand for GO service and ridership, all of which are necessary to support the economies of Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Waterloo Region.

For more information: Investing in the Milton GO Line Bringing All-Day, Two-Way GO Service


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