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City Continues to Effectively Manage the Feral Cat Population with Program Enhancements

City services | February 26, 2020

The City of Mississauga is making enhancements to its Trap Neuter Return Management (TNRM) program. The TNRM program helps manage the feral cat population (unowned domestic outdoors cats that avoid human contact), improves their well-being and provides support to feral cat colony operators.

“Our TNRM program has been helpful in managing the feral cat population,” said Jay Smith, Manager, Animal Services. “Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen significant improvements in the save-rate of domestic animals, including feral cats, by 90 per cent and a decrease in the number of euthanized animals by 96 per cent – thanks in large part to the TNRM program.”

Mississauga Animal Services support a number of colony operators who trap feral cats for the purpose of spaying/neutering and releasing them. Some of the support through the TNRM program includes:

  • Setting up traps and bait
  • Transporting trapped feral cats to supporting veterinary clinics for spaying/neutering and vaccination services
  • Taking in young and/or socialized feral cats for adoption
  • Donating pet food and supplies

Smith added, “We understand the importance of working closely with colony operators, the community and our partners to better achieve the program’s main objectives and goals. We’re dedicated to continue working with them in an effort to decrease the feral cat population, while ensuring their well-being.”

Through consultations with stakeholders and the public, the City has identified the following opportunities for enhancing the TNRM program:

  • City Funded Veterinary Services: establish a maximum of 60 spay/neuter treatment areas annually
  • Training for Feral Cat Colony Operators: develop and deliver consistent training for all colony operators
  • Sheltering and Adoption: provide additional shelter space and adoption services
  • Public Education: increase education and awareness to the community around the program, including best practices
  • Data Collection and Analysis: create stronger partnerships with colony operators to better collect data that can accurately assess the effectiveness of the program
  • Voluntary Registration: encourage all colony operators to apply and register for the program in order to be exempt from specific Animal Care and Control By-laws, as well as having access to additional services

Enhancements to the TNRM program will go to Council on March 4, 2020 for final approval.

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