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City Introduces First Public Art Master Plan

Business and innovation | May 18, 2016

The City’s first Public Art Master Plan, which builds upon the Council endorsed Framework for a Public Art Program was introduced during today’s General Committee meeting. The Public Art Master Plan provides 54 recommendations designed to direct the expansion and implementation of a continued successful public art program throughout the city over the next five years.

“Our goal with the Public Art Master Plan is to establish a unique artistic identity for Mississauga,” said Paul Damaso, Director, Culture. “Public art has the power to boost local industry and tourism, it enhances our public spaces and contributes to our quality of life by creating memorable experiences.”

The plan establishes a curatorial and design outline which will guide the City’s Public Art Program for both permanent and temporary public art installations, mentioned Damaso.

The Public Art Master Plan includes the following elements:
• a design and curatorial outline to guide public art opportunities that can be realized in the next five years;
• priority zones within Mississauga that reflect the public art guiding principles;
• types of public art to be considered for each site;
• areas for temporary public art opportunities as well as those that might be appropriate for future permanent works;
• detailed site selection criteria; and
• education and public engagement opportunities for the Public Art Program.

“Through the Mississauga Public Art Master Plan, all future public art projects will consider the uniqueness of each community, its people and their stories,” added Damaso. “The Plan also ensures that public art reflects the context in which the artwork is located in order to maximize public benefit.”

The Public Art Master Plan will be voted on during the City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

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