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City Issues Nearly $2 Billion in Building Permits Signalling Strong Economic Growth for Mississauga

City services | March 25, 2019

The City of Mississauga issued nearly $2 billion in building permits in 2018, a strong indicator of Mississauga’s thriving economy and prolonged growth. In a 2018 report, 3,884 building permits were issued with a total value of $1.85 billion, which covers all types of building permits including new buildings, additions, garages, decks and sheds.

“These are very significant numbers for a city of our size and demonstrate Mississauga remains a city in demand. For the last four years, we have seen continued and healthy growth in development, both in residential and commercial building” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “This type of economic development is a clear indicator that Mississauga is open for business and our city remains a place where people want to live, work, do business and succeed.”
The City fostered more than $771 million in industrial and commercial building permits. Residential permits made up $988 million of the total value. These permits created 3,312 new residential units and represent 53 per cent of the total permits issued. Approximately 41 per cent of permits were issued for industrial and commercial permits. The remaining permits were issued for public institutions (2.2 per cent) and churches/schools (2.3 per cent) of total permits.
“The 2018 results signal steady growth for 2019, with more housing, retail and commercial development,” said Andrew Whittemore, Commissioner of Planning and Building. “Above all, we continue to focus on creating well-planned, complete communities which enhance our residents’ quality of life and health as well as our city’s economic growth.”
As part of the City’s commitment to efficiency, the City has introduced:
  • Pre-zoned lands for business – avoiding lengthy rezoning processes.
  • Issuing of conditional building permits. This allows site work to begin, while a builder addresses minor outstanding requirements.
  • A development liaison position, which helps the development application process.
“Our ePlans software has made it easier and more efficient to submit and process development applications online. To date, we have processed more than 19,000 applications, with 93 per cent of our users using the online service,” said Ezio Savini, Director of Building. “In 2018, we saw an average reduction in our first review cycle processing time of 33 per cent as well as an 11 per cent average reduction in overall time to issue a permit compared to paper submissions.”
For more information about building permits in Mississauga, please visit the Planning Information Hub.
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