News release

City Modernizing the Civic Centre Ground Floor

Local government | July 9, 2019

It is renovation season and some important changes are underway at the Mississauga Civic Centre.

The first phase of renovation will raise the Great Hall floor for improved accessibility and allow residents and visitors of all abilities to better access the space for any occasion – from wedding photoshoots to public events, the Great Hall will become a more welcoming multi-use public space for Mississauga’s citizens.

The Great Hall is currently under renovation from July until early 2020. As of July 10, the North entrance will be closed. Access to the building will be available from the South East and South West entrances. Customer Service counters will also remain open during the construction period.

The Civic Centre is being modernized to support the City of Mississauga’s plan for a dynamic, urban and accessible downtown. These changes will keep the Civic Centre in good repair and improve accessibility and customer service.

The City of Mississauga is committed to ensuring that programs, services and facilities are accessible and inclusive for everyone.  Part of that commitment includes actively reviewing City spaces and removing barriers and providing equitable access for all.

Project Improvements

  • Great Hall In-fill: The Civic Centre Great Hall central area in-fill will allow more programs and activities to be offered in the space
  • Welcome & Security Desk: The Welcome & Security Desk concept will be introduced and act as a single point of contact.  This allows visitors to have access to Customer Service and Security in one space, making this a more efficient design and providing streamlined services
  • Lighting: The lighting throughout the Ground Floor will be upgraded to meet current standards
  • North Door Outside Stairs: Improvements will be made to the stairs located outside the Civic Centre North entrance. Visual cues will be added to ensure greater accessibility for people with low vision

Mississauga Civic Centre

The award-winning, postmodern architecture of the Mississauga Civic Centre opened in 1987. The winning design by Jones and Kirkland drew on historical elements that pay tribute to Mississauga’s agricultural past. The main building represents a farmhouse; the Council Chamber represents a grain silo, and the clock tower a windmill. The design was a result of an architectural design competition with 246 entries from seven Canadian provinces.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall architecture is a composition of geometric shapes which build on compositions of circles, triangles and squares. It connects on one side to the Great Stair and on the other to the cylindrical, wood-lined council chamber. The Civic centre was designed as a “building for two seasons”: the Great Hall in winter for public gatherings, and Celebration Square in the summer. Over the years, the Great Hall has become a go to location for events and impromptu photo shoots.

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