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City Needs Your Help to Maintain Grass Along Boulevards

City services | July 16, 2014

The City of Mississauga is asking residents to help maintain City boulevards and cut the small area of grass between the roadway and the front of their home.

“The City of Mississauga takes pride in maintaining beautiful neighbourhoods,” said Parks and Forestry Director Laura Piette. “Each year we ask residents to help by cutting the boulevard grass area. Frequent grass cutting also has the additional benefit of reducing weeds which helps to keep our neighbourhoods neat, tidy and weed free for everyone to enjoy.”

Grass Cutting Service Levels:

City of Mississauga Forestry staff are responsible for cutting the grass along primary and secondary roadways that do not front onto private property. The grass cutting schedule varies throughout the year:

  • Two times in April, May and June
  • Once every three weeks in July and August
  • Two times in September
  • One time in October and November

Parks staff cut grass once every 10 to 14 days. This schedule may change due to weather; “smog days” or rainy, wet conditions limit grass cutting.

Crews use large cutting equipment to maintain open areas. Separate crews trim to make the most of staff time. While there is sometimes a delay between large area maintenance and trimming, all areas are cut and trimmed based on the two week cycle.

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