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City of Mississauga on Track to Support Local Cultural and Community Groups with up to $4 Million in Grant Funding

COVID-19 | February 17, 2021

Cultural and Community groups throughout Mississauga will benefit from $4 million in grant funding as approved by Mississauga City Council today. Seventy-five groups, including 12 groups previously approved for multi-year funding, were recommended in a staff report to receive financial support from the City for 2021. Funding will be adjusted for events that are cancelled or adapted to virtual or modified in-person events due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Mississauga’s community, Council also approved the establishment of a $100,000 stabilization fund. Grants offered through this funding will support local groups that have experienced a significant financial impact due to the pandemic and are not able to sustain their operations or qualify for the other streams of funding.

“Residents of Mississauga benefit every year from the City’s investment in our local not-for-profit organizations that focus on arts, culture, heritage and community programming in Mississauga,” said Shari Lichterman, Commissioner, Community Services. “Although the past year has been difficult for many, by increasing the grant amounts available this year and creating a stabilization fund, the City of Mississauga is committed to supporting local organizations; it will enable them to continue providing services to the community that are needed now more than ever.”

The Small Project Matching Grant Program is recommended to continue in 2021 with financial support in the amount of $30,000. The aim of this program is to increase engagement in events and activities by residents in local neighbourhoods.

The City funds organizations through four program streams: Arts and Culture Grants; Cultural Festivals and Celebrations Grants; Culture Projects Grants; and Community Grants. For 2021, $1,202,266 will go towards the Community Grant Program, while $2,803,923 will be dispersed among the three Cultural Grant Programs.

Arts and Culture Grant Program

Emerging and established arts, culture and heritage not-for-profit organizations that develop outstanding arts and culture programs and services for residents are eligible to receive funds through this program. These organizations help improve participation, knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the various arts, culture and heritage programming offered in Mississauga.

A total of 28 organizations will receive funding through the Arts and Culture Grant program in 2021.

Approved Grants:

  • Art Gallery of Mississauga: $160,000
  • Arts on the Credit Mississauga: $10,000
  • Canadian Arabic Orchestra: $40,000
  • Chamber Music Society of Mississauga: $85,000
  • Crane Creations Theatre Company: $15,000
  • Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters: $15,000
  • Fashion Circuit Series: $12,000
  • Frog in Hand: $55,815
  • Hispanic Canadian Arts & Culture Association: $10,000
  • Heritage Mississauga*: $250,000
  • Ink Movement: $3,500
  • Mississauga Arts Council*: $299,670
  • Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble: $5,715
  • Mississauga Children’s Choir: $30,000
  • Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization: $21,500
  • Mississauga Choral Society: $60,000
  • Mississauga Festival Choir: $27,000
  • Mississauga Festival Youth Choir: $17,000
  • Mississauga Music: $10,000
  • Mississauga Potters Guild: $18,000
  • Mississauga Symphony Orchestra*: $180,000
  • Sampradaya Dance Creations*: $130,000
  • Sawitri Theatre Group: $90,000
  • Small Arms Society: $25,000
  • Streetsville Historical Society: $4,000
  • Theatre Unlimited: $19,999
  • Visual Arts Mississauga*: $225,000
  • Youth Troopers for Global Awareness: $19,999

* Represents multi-year funding

Cultural Festivals and Celebrations Grant Program

Cultural traditions and celebrations are important for Mississauga residents and visitors. Grant funding in this area supports the cultural programming and event operations needed to offer festivals and celebrations to the public.

A total of 18 festivals will receive Cultural Festivals and Celebrations funding in 2021. Due to the pandemic, funding will be released when applicants confirm their event will take place and submit virtual or modified in-person event plans based on provincial guidelines. Should applicants cancel their events, they can request funding for their fixed costs to assist with the sustainability of their organizations this year.

Approved Grants:

  • Arts on the Port: $7,500
  • Bollywood Monster Mashup*: $105,000
  • Canada Day Together Festival: $19,900
  • Carassauga Festival*: $120,000
  • Egyptian Coptic Festival: $7,500
  • International Film Festival of South Asia: $10,000
  • Malton Canada Day: $27,000
  • Mississauga Game Festival: $9,975
  • Mississauga Italfest: $28,000
  • Mississauga Latin Festival: $19,000
  • Mississauga Polish Days Festival: $15,000
  • Mississauga Waterfront Festival: $80,000
  • Mosaic South Asian Heritage Festival: $100,000
  • Muslimfest: $50,000
  • Paint the Town Red Port Credit: $100,000
  • Philippine Festival Mississauga: $19,000
  • Southside Shuffle Blues and Jazz Festival*: $100,000
  • Streetsville Christmas in the Village: $15,000
  • Streetsville Founder’s Bread and Honey Festival: $75,000

* Represents multi-year funding

Culture Projects Grant Program

This grant supports cultural events, projects or activities in the community, helping organizations provide more exposure of arts and culture experiences to residents of Mississauga.

A total of 11 groups will receive Culture Projects funding in 2021.

Approved Grants:

  • Arts & Culture Initiative of South Asia: $5,000
  • Blackwood Gallery: $10,000
  • Chamber Music Society: $10,000
  • Crane Creations Theatre Company: $10,000
  • Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters: $5,000
  • Frog in Hand: $10,000
  • Hand Eye Society: $5,000
  • MEHAR: Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Renaissance: $9,100
  • Mississauga Writers Group: $4,750
  • MonstrARTity Creative Community: $5,000
  • Small Arms Society: $10,000

Community Grant Program

Local, not-for-profit community groups and the residents they serve benefit through multi-year, annual operating and project grants provided through this program. The program aligns with the strategic priorities of the City’s Recreation and Parks, Forestry & Environment Divisions.

A total of 18 organizations will receive funding through the Community Grant program in 2021.

Approved Grants:

  • Active Adult Centre of Mississauga*: $275,257
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel: $10,000
  • Blooming Boulevards: $5,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Peel: $10,000
  • Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled: $10,000
  • Erin Mills Farmers Market: $10,000
  • Erin Mills Youth Centre*: $72,888
  • Global 180 Students Communications Inc.: $9,924
  • MIAG Centre for Diverse Women and Families: $10,000
  • Mississauga Sports Council*: $114,595
  • Safe City Mississauga*: $132,730
  • The DAM: $10,000
  • Senior Tamils Society of Peel: $7,500
  • The Riverwood Conservancy*: $331,859
  • Volunteer MBC*: $38,200
  • Ecosource*: $109,683
  • Rappor Youth & Family Services*: $42,615
  • Mississauga Youth Action Committee: $2,015

* Represents multi-year funding

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