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City Wins Three ‘Project of the Year’ Awards for Construction

Local government | February 20, 2019

Today at City Council, the City of Mississauga was presented with three Project of the Year Awards by the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) for construction projects completed in 2018.

The awards were received for the following construction projects completed in 2018.

  • Birch Glen Park Walkway Revitalization – 2018 OPWA Project of the Year for Disaster/Emergency Construction/Repair less than $2 million category
  • Eastgate Park Underground Stormwater Management Facility (SWMF) – 2018 OPWA Project of the Year for Disaster/Emergency Construction/Repair: $2-$10 million category
  • The Mississauga Transitway – 2018 OPWA Project of the Year for Transportation Projects greater than $50 million

“These awards recognize the important city-building and transformational work happening across our City.”

“Mississauga is proud to be recognized for our excellence in the delivery of our public works projects,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “We are actively investing and building Mississauga into a world-class city that is ready for the future. We continue to invest in the maintenance and enhancement of our infrastructure; increase our stormwater management resiliency and build a connected transit system.”

The OPWA awards program was established to recognize outstanding organizations, groups and individuals representing the best in the public works profession. The Public Works Project of the Year award promotes excellence in the management and administration of public works projects by recognizing the alliance on projects between the City or managing agency, the consultant/architecht/engineers and the contractor.

“These construction projects had unique and challenging engineering and environmental features and some involved several construction and funding partners and took many years to complete due to their complexity,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation and Works. “Success was possible due to a partnership between three city departments and five divisions as well as consultants and contractors. We appreciate this recognition from the OPWA for all three projects.”

Each project competed in different categories with projects from other municipalities with populations of more than 25,000. Staff accepted the awards from OPWA Past President Michelle Albert who noted that Mississauga received the most 2018 OPWA awards of all municipalities.


Birch Glen Park Walkway Revitalization

  • Project involved replacing a retaining wall built in 1979 with concrete planters, lighting, asphalt and landscaping
  • Walking path needed updating to provide greater safety and a more aesthetic appearance
  • Environmental limitations/considerations due to neighbouring properties
  • New retaining wall features more durable pre-cast concrete with lower maintenance costs

Mississauga Transitway

  • Multi-year transit infrastructure project funded by three levels of government
  • Two-lane 18-kilometre dedicated bus corridor – the first of its kind in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) – with 12 stations stretching from Winston Churchill in the west to Renforth Gateway in the east
  • Construction included more than 25 bridges and tunnels for vehicles and pedestrians, green and accessibility features, stairs with bicycle roll-ups and platform heating systems
  • MiWay, GO Transit and Brampton Transit provide service on the transitway

Eastgate Park Underground Stormwater Management Facility

  • Used an existing park to provide flood reduction measures through the construction of a SWMF within the Cooksville Creek watershed
  • Park was temporarily closed to install underground plastic chambers that work like a large underground bathtub to hold back and gradually release water into the city’s stormwater sewer system
  • This facility is the largest underground plastic SWMF in Ontario providing 13,000m3 of stormwater storage (equivalent to five Olympic sized swimming pools)
  • The SWMF reduces peak water flow entering the city’s storm sewer system during by 26.5 per cent during a 100-year storm event.


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