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Don’t Let Safety Slip Your Mind: Stay Off Frozen Bodies of Water

City services | February 4, 2022

Although it may be tempting to walk, skate or play hockey on frozen bodies of water, the City of Mississauga is reminding residents to stay off the ice. Deep water, weak ice and constantly changing water levels and temperatures make lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks unstable and dangerous.

When out walking, snowshoeing, tobogganing and out with children and pets, it’s also important to stay away from the ice close to the shore or riverbank. It may appear thicker and safe, but it’s still uneven, slippery and dangerous.

Not only does venturing onto or near the ice put you at risk of falling through – it’s also against the City of Mississauga’s Parks By-law.

The Parks By-law prohibits people from going on snow or ice-covered ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and other bodies of water in City parks that are not maintained for the safety of the community (i.e. natural community ice rinks).

If you see someone venturing on any City-owned bodies of water (E.g. Osprey Marsh, Lake Aquitaine), notify the City by calling 311 (905-615-4311 outside of City limits). The City will dispatch an enforcement officer to come to the site to seek compliance through education, but will take enforcement action if required.

If you see that a person or pet has fallen through the ice, do not attempt to go in after them. Call 911 for help immediately.

Outdoor Activities
Looking to enjoy some safe outdoor fun? The City of Mississauga continues to offer a variety of safe outdoor activities that you can enjoy.

Check out City-operated outdoor ice rinks at Mississauga Celebration Square and Woodhurst Heights Park or find a community ice rink in a park in your area. Check to see if the community ice rink in your neighbourhood is open by looking for the ‘Ice is Ready’ sign.

Enjoy some old-fashioned winter fun and slide down one of Mississauga’s toboggan hills.

Walk, Snowshoe or Cross Country Ski
The majority of the City’s trails receive regular winter maintenance so that you can walk through a winter wonderland safely. However, there are some trails and many areas within Mississauga parks that don’t receive winter maintenance which are great sites for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

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