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Dundas Connects Master Plan – City Plans for Growth along Dundas Street

City building | June 12, 2018

Yesterday, the City’s Planning and Development Committee endorsed the Dundas Connects Master Plan, which will help guide future urban growth and intensification along the Dundas Street Corridor. From end to end, the Dundas Street Corridor is 17 kilometres long, stretching from Oakville in the west to Toronto in the east.

“Building a successful city compels us to plan for Transit Oriented Development,” said Andrew Whittemore, Commissioner, Planning and Building. “The Dundas Connects Master Plan does just that with new residential, business and public space envisioned within walking distance of planned public transit.”

Whittemore added that Dundas Street is a key part of Mississauga’s transportation network, with thousands of people using it every day to move around the city. The plan will allow the City to set and implement best practices along the corridor to help address current and future demands over the next 35 to 40 years.

The Dundas Connects Master Plan will support major improvements to transportation, land use and the public realm along the Dundas Street Corridor. Highlights of some of the recommendations in the Master Plan include:

  • Implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Dundas Street
  • Encouraging mixed-use development that supports transit
  • Creating more open spaces and community facilities
  • Maintaining existing and supporting new affordable housing
  • Maintaining four traffic lanes along Dundas Street
  • Providing safe cycling infrastructure along the length of the Dundas Street Corridor
  • Enhancing pedestrian space and providing street trees
  • Encouraging street-related retail while supporting existing businesses

The City consulted extensively with residents and stakeholders with a series of public meetings and digital outreach. Feedback received helped inform the development of the Master Plan.

The Dundas Connects Master Plan will now go to Council for approval on June 20.

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