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Everything’s Coming up Smart City

Business and innovation | June 9, 2021

At today’s General Committee, Mississauga’s position as Canada’s most connected city got a boost from receiving the World Council on City Data (WCCD) ISO Certification on Data for Smart Cities. The City also reported on two data-related policies and delivered the Smart City Annual Report.

“Today is an exciting day for Mississauga as a Smart City,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Not only are we introducing policies to improve transparency and citizen engagement, we are also being recognized globally by the World Council on City Data as an early adopter of their data standard for smart cities, as well as the Intelligent Communities Forum as one of the top intelligent cities in the world.”

Mississauga’s Smart City goals include building a city that enhances the quality of life for residents through technology – a Smart City for everybody.

“This recognition of Mississauga as a Smart City reaffirms our efforts to ensure access to data and technology for all,” said Shawn Slack, Acting Commissioner, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “The two policies presented today are key to increasing transparency and public confidence. By adopting the IODC principles in the Open Data Policy, Mississauga will continue to be a leading municipality in the world of open data.”

ISO Smart Cities Certification on Data

The WCCD awarded Mississauga the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 37122 Indicators for Smart Cities Certification. As an early adopter, Mississauga is one of the first cities globally and the only Canadian municipality to achieve this certification.

“On behalf of the WCCD, I am so pleased to welcome the City of Mississauga to the global group of Early Adopters of ISO 37122, specifically as one of the first Canadian cities to achieve this new WCCD Certification that builds high calibre data for smart cities,” said Dr. Patricia McCarney, WCCD President and CEO. “Congratulations to Mayor Crombie, City Council and your Smart City team for prioritizing the importance of standardized, globally comparable and independently verified city data as a critical component of smart city development. This certification also highlights an opportunity for the WCCD to move forward in partnership with Mississauga as you lead globally in your smart cities work while sharing your insights with our global network of over 100 data-driven cities across 35 countries.”


The ICF has selected the City of Mississauga as one of the Smart21 Communities of the Year. The Smart21 announcement marks the second stage in ICF’s annual Intelligent Community Awards cycle. ICF selects 21 finalists to receive this recognition, based on a survey of communities from around the world.

All about data

The Data Handling Policy describes how data is managed by employees and third party agencies. This applies to data that is in use, in storage and in transmission. It will be phased in over a few years starting with a focus on training and data loss protection.

The revisions proposed for the City’s Open Data Policy include the adoption of the six International Open Data Charter (IODC) Principles.

Adopting these principles will help increase transparency. They will also enable the City to continue to foster innovation by enabling anyone to openly download a wide variety of datasets.

Smart City Annual Report

The 2020 Smart City Annual Report highlights the City’s achievements in technology and world-class innovations in an interactive format. The report is the first of its kind and allows citizens to virtually explore and learn about how and where the City utilizes Smart City technology.

Have your say

The City also announced the citizen engagement phase of the Smart City Policy. This policy is designed to help educate citizens about how data is collected and how it will be used by the City. All citizens are encouraged to participate. Visit the Smart City website for upcoming events.


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