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Get on a MiWay Bus with PRESTO and Avoid January 29 Fare Increases

Switch to PRESTO when you board a MiWay bus and avoid paying more for your ride.

City services | January 19, 2018

Consider switching to PRESTO when you board a MiWay bus as of January 29, 2018 and you can avoid paying more for your ride.

Most of MiWay’s fares including PRESTO fares will be frozen as of January 29, 2018, with the exception of cash fares and paper tickets.

“We recognize the need to balance the cost of transit with our goal to increase ridership in our City,” said Geoff Marinoff, Transit Director.  “We encourage riders to join in the movement of using PRESTO. It’s so easy to load, tap and ride with PRESTO which makes up 64 per cent of MiWay fares, up four per cent from last year at this time. Freezing PRESTO fares will continue to support PRESTO use and our ultimate goal to eliminate paper tickets.”

Marinoff added that in 2018, MiWay will continue to invest in its transit system to allow increases in service levels and frequency of buses.

Fare Item New Fare:
Effective January 29, 2018
Increase/Change to Fare
Cash Fare $3.75 $0.25 increase
Adult Paper Ticket $3.20 $0.10 increase
Youth ( age 13 to 19) Paper Ticket $2.35 $0.10 increase
Senior Paper Ticket $2.20 $0.10 increase

Fare Change Details

  • PRESTO single fare frozen for child age six to 12 ($1.65) and youth age 13 to 19 ($2.25), rates remain at the 2012 rate
  • PRESTO single fare frozen for adult ($3) and senior ($2)
  • PRESTO monthly pass frozen for adult ($130) and Senior ($61)
  • The GTA Weekly Pass frozen at $63
  • GO Transit PRESTO Co-Fare frozen at $0.80

MiWay paper tickets will no longer be available at the Mississauga eStore, Civic Centre cashiers, community centres and Islington MiWay tickets and passes booth locations. As of January 29, MiWay paper tickets will only be available for purchase at City Centre Transit Terminal and MiWay ticket agents.

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