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Getting Your Backyard Ready for Fall

Local government | September 6, 2019

It’s hard to believe, but the season of, sweaters and glorious autumn leaves is upon us. That means that it’s time to get your yard ready for fall. To keep your yard in tip-top shape, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your yard is living its best life!

Importance of Safe Pool Water Disposal

All those lazy summer days floating in your pool would not have been possible without spring planning and preparation. Now, it’s time to prepare your pool for the cooler weather.

Did you know that pool and spa chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, algaecides, salt and other products can be harmful to the environment? These chemicals can be toxic to aquatic life in our local creeks and streams if discharged into the City’s Stormwater system which is connected from roadside catch basin inlets to our creeks.  You need to ensure that your pool water is disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Steps to get your pool ready for Fall

  • Cease adding any chemicals 10 days before closing
  • Clean it – Remove all debris from the water, skimmer, pump basket and filters.
  • Check all equipment- Ensure the pump is working and there is no calcium build- up
  • Change your filter being careful to discharge this dirty water into a sink or basement floor drain. Pool filter backwash water is regulated by the City’s Debris and Anti-littering By-law.
  • Balance the water (neutralize pH and remove phosphates).
  • Remove the cover for 10 days to allow sunlight to break down any residual chemicals.
  • Follow the City’s guidelines in the online brochure: Pool & Spa Water Safe Disposal Practices when lowering the water level below the intakes.  Saltwater pools require special attention due to the impact of salt on the environment.

Unsure where to start? The Debris and Anti Littering By-Law 219-85 and the Storm Sewer Use By-law 259-05 regulate discharges of Pool and spa water. Remember, just because you close your pool for the Fall, doesn’t mean you can’t continue your swim routine. Visit one of the many indoor pools the City has to offer.

Maintaining a Fabulous Fall Yard

Another thing that needs some maintenance in the Fall are the weeds in your lawns and gardens. While weeds can get out of hand over the summer, it is the responsibility of every property owner to cut and maintain nuisance weeds and tall grass, as per the Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass by-law. In case you’re wondering, some examples of nuisance weeds include, Giant Hogweed, Ragweed, Poison-ivy and Thistle.

Boulevards also need to be maintained and free from nuisance weeds. You can reduce the chances for weed growth by encouraging vigorous grass growth. Mow to 3” (8cm), top-dress the lawn with composted manure annually, overseed with good quality grass seed and remove thatch as needed. A healthy lawn discourages weed growth and looks great!

Remember to get at the weeds before they become a nuisance. If you don’t maintain your property you may be found to be in violation of the by-law. If the issue is not addressed, you may be issued a Property Standards Order or a Notice of Contravention.

For more information, visit our Seasonal Services page.

Get ready for an amazing Fall, your pumpkin spice latte is waiting.

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