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Ice Storm Update: January 10, 2014

Local government | January 10, 2014

The City of Mississauga continues to respond and clean up from the impacts of the ice storm on December 22, 2013.

Please Be Patient, Use Caution and Be Safe: We are asking everyone to use caution when using sidewalks due to downed trees and falling branches. Please also use caution in City parks and on trails.

With the expected rising temperatures and heavy rain over the weekend, there may be extra water on the roads, sidewalks, and overflowing rivers and streams.  We advise residents to take care.

Report Damage
Residents are asked to call 311 or 905-615-3000 to report damaged or fallen City trees such as those on boulevards and in parks.

Roads, Sidewalks and Waterways
All roads are open and all sidewalks have been cleared of debris.  Debris cleanup on boulevards is expected to be completed by mid-late February.  City personnel will begin inspection of all waterways next week.

Please note: weather conditions may alter operations and timelines.

City Facilities
All City facilities are open.

Warming Centre
The warming centre at the Civic Centre has been closed.  We will continue to monitor the temperatures and will reopen if required.


  • Kariya Park remains closed
  • Totoredaca Leash Free Dog Park has been re-opened
  • Residents are asked to use caution in all treed areas
  • All priority one parks trails have been cleared of debris and are open
  • Work is underway on secondary paths and the Culham Trail

City Tree Cleanup
The City has begun the removal of public City trees that have fallen into residents’ backyards.

Tree Debris
In order to assist residents with the removal of excess wood and brush debris, the Region of Peel will begin collecting small bundles of wood and brush from the curb beginning January 13th on regularly scheduled collection days.

  • bundles of wood and brush must not exceed 1.2 m (4ft.) and 76 cm (30 in.) in diameter and weigh no more than 20 kg (44 lbs.) to ensure collector safety.
  • individual branches and tree limbs must not exceed 1.2 m (4 ft.) in length and 7.5 cm (3 in.) in diameter and weigh no more than 20 kg (44 lbs.)
  • leave small bundles of yard waste at the curb as the Region of Peel anticipates yard waste collection may not coincide with residents regularly scheduled collection day

Residents also have the option to take debris to Regional Community Recycling Centres at no cost.  For more information on yard waste and Christmas tree collection, please visit the Region of Peel’s website.

Please note fallen trees and branches in the Asian Long-horned Beetle (ALHB) quarantine area of Malton must remain on site. Residents and tree contractors can drop off storm damage tree debris from this regulated area at: 2699 Drew Road (north of Derry Road East and east of Torbram Road) Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (until further notice).  As well, residents can bundle wood and brush for yard waste collection by the Region.  This material will be disposed in a process that prevents spread of ALHB.

You can find out about any current power outages in and around your area by visiting Enersource and viewing their live outage map or by calling 905-273-9050. You can report a power outage to Enersource.

Natural Gas
Call Enbridge Gas Distribution if you smell gas or to report an emergency such as a damaged pipe or meter or visit their website.  If you need a natural gas appliance to be relit after power is restored, please contact a heating contractor.  You can find a listing of service providers online.

Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC)
All CVC parks and trails remain closed due to damage from the ice storm.  The Credit Valley Conservation Authority is urging caution around waterways due to icy conditions and potential flooding.  Call 905-670-1615 to report a flood; after hours, call 1-800-215-8505.  Visit the Credit Valley Conservation Authority’s website for more information.

For information and updates about water services or waste collection, call the Region of Peel directly at 905-791-9499 or call 311 and press option 1.  You can also visit the Region of Peel’s website.

For more information on the City’s storm recovery efforts please see the storm page.

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