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Inspire the Sounds of Your City

Business and innovation | November 18, 2020

In a city as vibrant as Mississauga, the arts have a new opportunity to take centre stage. While most entertainment events are on hold or modified due to COVID-19, ‘the show must go on’ as they say. The arts have always entertained residents and visitors, whether it be a dance performance, theatre, an art exhibit or music in concert or at a local venue.

This is why the City of Mississauga’s Music Office launched its Music Strategy Survey on November 16. The goal is to gather feedback from residents and the local music community to help the City develop an in-depth strategy to specifically support and grow the music sector in Mississauga. The survey closes on December 18.

“Music is a major part of Mississauga’s cultural identity and a serious economic driver. We have a rich music history, deep and diverse pool of talented artists, iconic studios, festivals and much more,” said Paul Damaso, Director of the City’s Culture Division. “To everyone in Mississauga’s emerging, exciting music community – we need your help to develop a Strategy that readies our music sector to take a giant leap forward when we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Local industry professionals understand the value of being able to provide feedback on the City’s music strategy, as expressed by 2020 Mississauga Music Walk of Fame inductee, Patti Jannetta:

“Mississauga, incubator for some of the greatest music industry architects in the world, has seen countless members of our vibrant local musical community suffer during COVID-19. Through these struggles, we’ve witnessed amazing resourcefulness, ingenuity and sheer bravery from an industry working together to stay alive. The City of Mississauga needs our input to help develop a new Music Strategy that will support all Mississauga musicians, venues, creators and producers as we rise together from this pandemic.”

While there will be short-term strategies to address the current concerns brought on by the pandemic, the goal of Mississauga’s Music Strategy is to support the music industry post-pandemic and help the long-term success of the local music industry and its fans.

Lincoln Blachè, artist and founder of record label MADE IN SAUGA®, shares why he created the label and why local voices need to be heard, “I wanted to give the next big artists from Mississauga and surrounding area a launch pad to success in the music industry. The label is curated locally and delivered internationally. Mississauga has world-class talent. R&B and hip hop artists from the GTA are blowing up the global charts. As the City of Mississauga considers ways to help develop local infrastructure and grow the music sector, it’s vital that people from those communities be part of the process.”

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S4G4 performing at the City of Mississauga’s 2020 virtual Summer Concert Series. Photo credit: Mark Gallardo. [click for high-res]