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It’s Your City! Celebrate World Urbanism Day

City building | November 3, 2022

Each year on November 8, World Urbanism Day recognizes and promotes the role of planning in creating livable communities.  It’s also known as World Town Planning Day and is celebrated in over 30 countries!

Planners make important contributions to our cities such as designing complete communities, creating lively urban spaces and protecting the environment.

By 2051, about one million people will call Mississauga home. Our city planners are setting the blueprint for how the city will function, look, feel and move in the future. From deciding where growth should go, to looking for ways to make housing more affordable or revitalizing our waterfront – our planners are working to build a great city for everyone.

Photo of public art titled The Book by artist Ilan Sander located at the southeast corner of Celebration Square in Mississauga
Photo credit: Wil Yeung

Ready to channel your inner planner? Here a few ways you can get involved in city planning this World Urbanism Day:

  1. Dig into the data: In 2016, Mississauga was the first municipality in Canada to launch an online hub to give everyone access to the data we use to plan our city. For 2022, we’ve completely revamped our City Planning Data Hub making it even more interactive and easy to use. Try the Data Hub if you’ve ever wondered:
    • What’s the population of Mississauga?
    • Where can I find public art in the city?
    • Has this building won an urban design award?
    • Is there more development and building activity in my neighbourhood this year?
    • How many businesses are there in the downtown?
    • How much growth should I expect over the next ten years?
    • What kind of street trees line my sidewalk?
    • What’s the average price of a townhouse in Mississauga?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and a wide range of data about the demographic, employment, residential and cultural make-up of Mississauga.

  1. Get Engaged: We want to hear your ideas and opinions on the projects that are transforming Mississauga. The City leads a variety of community engagement activities such as surveys, in-person and virtual meetings and other special events to make sure residents have a chance to get involved. Visit the City’s Your Say website to learn more about the projects underway and the many opportunities for public engagement.

The City’s Planning and Development Committee is another way to express your views on planning-related matters. You can join in person or watch a livestream or recorded session.

  1. Planning 101: City planning is important but can be complicated. From community members and landowners to developers and the Province of Ontario – a lot goes into city planning. Want a quick refresher? Check out the How City Planning Works section of our website for an overview of who does what and the policies that shape our community.

Cities are always changing which means planning never stops. Visit our website to learn more about how to get involved in the city planning process all year-round.