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Mayor Parrish launches task force to get more housing built in Mississauga

Task force discusses innovative ways to make housing approvals more efficient.

City building | July 10, 2024

Today, Mayor Carolyn Parrish, joined by Deputy Mayor Matt Mahoney, welcomed partners from the development and building industries to the first meeting of the Mayor’s Housing Task Force. The task force, which was a key pledge during the Mayor’s election campaign, will help the City continue its efforts to streamline housing approval processes.

The task force includes a wide-range of development and building representatives from both the private and not-for-profit sectors. Key city planning and building staff are also represented.

The task force is designed as a forum to discuss impediments, find solutions to the housing supply and affordability crisis in Mississauga and identify areas for partnership.  In particular, the task force will be asked to:

  • Provide solutions for how to deliver more housing quickly
  • Identify opportunities to streamline development application and building permit approval processes
  • Review incentives needed to deliver homes for a range of Mississauga families

The Mayor’s Housing Task Force compliments the City’s 2023 Housing Action Plan which includes five goals and 23 actions to increase the supply and affordability of homes across Mississauga.


“I’m pleased that we were able to convene the first meeting of my Housing Task Force just two weeks after I took office. It signals how seriously we take the housing crisis in this City.  It’s time to do things differently. I want to give reputable developers and builders who are ready to deliver housing a candid forum to tell us what’s working, what we need to do more of and what we can do better.” – Mayor Carolyn Parrish

“While we’ve made solid progress in streamlining our approvals processes over the last few years, we must continue to adapt to the realities of an incredibly complex housing market. The Mayor’s Task Force is an important forum to help us better understand the needs of our industry partners so that we can all find ways to deliver housing more quickly.” – Andrew Whittemore, Commissioner, Planning and Building


Members of the Mayor’s Housing Task Force include:

  • Gavin Bailey, Director, Development Planning, Tridel (or Vince Mirarchi, Vice President, Tridel)
  • Bob Blazevski, President and COO, Diamond Corp
  • Graham Cubitt, Director of Projects and Development, Indwell (represented today by Jess Brand, Regional Director, Indwell)
  • John Gallucci, Principal, TMG Builders (represented today by Salvatore Cavarretta, Vice President Development, TMG Builders)
  • Alex De Gasperis, Vice President, Deco Communities
  • Frank Doracin, President, Doracin Terra Strategies Limited
  • Joseph Feldman, Executive Vice President, Camrost
  • Mitchell Goldhar, Executive Chairman, CEO, Smart Centres
  • Frank Gianonne, President, FRAM
  • Remo Agostino, Chief Development Officer, Daniels (represented today by Elizabeth Gillin, VP of Development, Daniels)
  • Neil Smiley, Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP (represented today by Joseph Guzzi, Consultant, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP)
  • David Hunwicks, Vice President, Planning, Amacon
  • Kristina Kaneff, Vice President and General Counsel, Kaneff Group
  • Anna-Maria Kaneff, Executive Vice President, Kaneff Group
  • David McComb CEO, Edenshaw Developments (or Oscar Piovesan, COO Edenshaw)
  • Brian Sutherland, Vice President Argoland & President, Lakeview Community Partners Ltd.
  • Paula Tenuta, Senior Vice President, Policy and Advocacy, BILD
  • Blair Wolk, President Orlando Corporation (or Lino Malito, Vice President, Orlando Corporation)
  • Chris Zeppa, President, City Park Homes
Group photo with members of the Mayor's Housing Task Force
Mayor Parrish with members of the Mayor’s Housing Task Force
Mayor Parrish speaking into a microphone at a table alongside other members of her housing Task Force
Mayor Parrish chairing housing task force meeting


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