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Mayor’s Statement – Ice Storm – January 2, 2014

Local government | January 2, 2014

As we recover from the ice storm of December 22, I want to take a moment to acknowledge those who played a significant role in responding to both the power outages and the tree clean-up that followed.

To the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel staff and operations crews, contractors, Enersource, and other partners who came together in a unified manner to ensure the safety and security of our community, thank you.

To  the residents and businesses in Mississauga who reacted in a neighbourly way by checking in on friends and family, helped remove tree debris, and communicated with us through 3-1-1 and social media to address key distress areas, thank you.

To my fellow Council members who supported all our efforts to respond and reach out to the community, thank you.  As a Council, we will be holding a Special Meeting on January 8 so we can further assess the impact of the storm and determine what additional action is required.

Our job is not yet complete. Over the next weeks and months, City staff will continue to remove tree debris from parks, pathways and boulevards.  Please be patient. The clean-up is going to take time.

For your part, please remove tree debris from your own private property.   For larger trees and debris, please use caution and we recommend you call a professional tree contractor.  We have suspended the Private Tree By-law to allow homeowners to remove structurally unsound trees on their own property without a permit.  Residents and contractors can also drop off yard waste, bundles of wood and brush at any one of the Regional Community Recycling Centres; fees will be waived.

Please note that fallen trees and branches in the Asian long-horned beetle quarantine area of Malton must remain on site. Beginning January 2, residents in this area can dispose of their storm tree debris at 2699 Drew Road.  City crews and private contractors will dispose of debris in the prescribed manner.

In order to assist residents with the removal of excess wood and brush debris, the Region of Peel will begin collecting small bundles of wood and brush from the curb beginning January 13 on regularly scheduled collection days. Bundles of wood and brush must not exceed 1.2 metres (4 feet) and 76 centimetres (30 inches) in diameter and weigh no more than 20 kilograms (44 pounds) to ensure collector safety.

If you have any questions related to the storm clean-up, please call 3-1-1, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website at

Thank you Mississauga for your care and consideration in this matter.

City of Mississauga

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