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Mississauga City Council Enacts Interim Control Bylaw for Dundas Corridor

Local government | February 8, 2017

Today Mississauga City Council enacted an Interim Control Bylaw for the Dundas Corridor. The bylaw places a hold on applications from a specified list of manufacturing uses which may not be compatible with the future vision for the Dundas Corridor. The bylaw is in effect immediately for one year and allows the City time to examine and study land uses in the control area. If necessary, Council has the ability to extend the bylaw for another year.

“The Dundas Corridor is one of Mississauga’s most travelled roadways,” said Ed Sajecki, Commissioner, Planning & Building at the City of Mississauga. “The number of people who live, work, learn and travel along the corridor is expected to significantly increase in the next few years. Enacting this bylaw gives us time to study land uses in the area, while ensuring that new development projects align with the Dundas Connects Master Plan, which will shape the future look and feel of Dundas Street.”

The lands included in the bylaw include lands on and east of Tedlo St. to the City’s eastern boundary between Dundas Street E. and Queensway E. It also includes employment lands north of Dundas Street E. and east of Dixie Rd. Further, lands between Mavis Rd. and Wolfedale Rd. from Dundas Street W. north to the Canadian Pacific Rail Line, are included.

About the Dundas Corridor

The Dundas Corridor has been identified in The Big Move for higher order transit and has been identified by Metrolinx as a Next Wave project. The Province of Ontario has funded a study, Dundas Connects, to consider intensification and transit-supportive land uses for the Dundas Corridor.

To manage the growth over the next 35 to 40 years, the City is developing a Master Plan for Dundas Street. The Master Plan will make recommendations on what Mississauga can do to manage growth, including how best to direct property development, what kind of rapid transit Dundas should have and how public space should change in order to create the street that Mississauga needs. The Master Plan will cover the entirety of Dundas Street within Mississauga.

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