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Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services Receives Diversity and Inclusion Award

City services | November 13, 2015

During the Fire Service Women of Ontario (FSWO) conference held at the Garry W. Morden Centre last week, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) received the Diversity and Inclusion Award. This award is given to an individual, group, department or organization that demonstrates leadership and a commitment to finding innovative and effective ways to support the mandate of the FSWO. This is done by reaching both within and outside the fire service community to promote the benefits of a diverse fire service as an occupation of choice for men and women.

“We are very proud to have won an award that speaks to our core values as an organization,” said Tim Beckett, Fire Chief, MFES. “We are honoured that the FSWO has recognized our efforts to ensure that we promote a diverse, inclusive, representative and respectful workplace.”

According to the FSWO, their mission is to encourage, promote and advance women in the fire service and includes the following:

• inspire positive change in the fire service;
• encourage the development of a diverse workforce in the fire services based on core values;
• actively develop potential within the fire service through effective networking and support;
• recognize role models and mentors at all levels within the service; and
• foster supportive, professional; and personal relationships/networks among women in the fire service.

A team representing MFES collaborated with the FSWO to bring more than 100 delegates from Ontario fire departments to participate in a variety of programs throughout the conference, added Beckett. This team was instrumental in providing an opportunity for delegates from departments of all sizes and compositions to learn and train together. Leading by example, MFES continues to be committed to positive change and inclusion within the fire service.

“We received this award because of our team approach and I am proud of the work this team has done,” added Beckett.

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