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Mississauga Libraries Make Self-Serve Check-Out Easy and Convenient

City services | June 3, 2014

This summer the Mississauga Library is introducing self-serve check-out machines as a fast way for cardholders to check out and renew library items. The user-friendly, touch screen machines will be available at Woodlands and Courtneypark libraries starting June 3 and June 9. More than 40 machines will be installed in libraries throughout the city within the next year.

“Our new system is a fast, convenient option for busy people in addition to the friendly, personalized service delivered by our staff,” Rose Vespa, Director of Library Services.

“The system is very simple to use. There are no barcodes to scan. Cardholders can checkout and renew items by placing them on a reader pad and that’s it,” said Vespa.

Vespa explained the self-service machines use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to store barcode numbers to identify items in the Library’s collection. This means the self-serve check-out machine can read multiple items without scanning a barcode. RFID tags are turned off when an item is checked out and are turned back on when an item is returned. The process of tagging the 1.3 million items in the collection began in October 2013 and will be completed in September 2014.

“In order to install the new machines, library closures may be necessary for a short period of time,” said Vespa. “Library users will be given notice ahead of time to minimize service interruption.”

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