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Mississauga receives ENERGY STAR® Building of the Year Award as it rolls out its fourth Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan

The new five-year plan addresses climate change and energy usage in City buildings, after successfully completing it’s previous plan.

City services | July 4, 2024

The City of Mississauga is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the ENERGY STAR® Building of the Year Award from Natural Resources Canada for Erin Mills Twin Arena, as it embarks on its fourth Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan: 2024-2028.

The new five-year plan addresses climate change and energy usage in City buildings, after successfully completing it’s previous plan from 2019 to 2023, including:

  • Decreasing overall energy consumption by five per cent
  • Avoiding $1,304,700 in total utility costs
  • Receiving $691,288 in total incentives from utilities due to cost savings; and
  • Obtaining several awards and certifications, including achieving ISO 50001 certification for Frank McKechnie Community Centre

As the City looks towards the next five years, the new 2024-2028 plan will build upon the success of the previous plan and implement new initiatives, including:

  • Expanding implementation of heat pumps in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and domestic hot water systems
  • Expanding renewable energy generation through the installation of roof and wall-mounted solar panels
  • Expanding heat recovery opportunities in our indoor pools and ice rinks
  • Conducting ongoing commissioning to the City’s main facilities using an analytics/fault detection tool that collects, manages and analyzes data from various building systems
  • Implementing control upgrades to HVAC and lighting equipment to optimize operation and match occupancy

The City is also pleased to announce that by advancing energy efficiency and leveraging ENERGY STAR tools, the City was one of 11 facilities to receive this prestigious award by Natural Resources Canada. Erin Mills Twin Arena has continued to advance its strategic energy management efforts and met ambitious energy efficiency goals in both 2023 and 2024.

Through the ENERGY STAR Canada Awards, ENERGY STAR Canada recognizes contributions made by outstanding businesses and organizations that advance energy efficiency nationwide. Each year, the awards honour and celebrate energy efficiency leaders who raise the bar on efficiency efforts.

Learn more about the City’s Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan: 2024-2028 and Natural Resources Canada’s ENERGY STAR Canada program.


“We are delighted to be recognized nationally for our commitment to energy efficiency. Our new Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan builds on the great work we have done so far to help navigate climate change. I am proud of our achievements to date. The actions we are taking now and over the next few years – like reducing our carbon footprint, adopting renewable energy, and promoting sustainable practice – will help lessen the impacts of climate change and enable a more resilient, greener and sustainable future for Mississauga.” – Mayor Carolyn Parrish

“We’re proud to roll out the City’s new five-year plan that complements our previous plans, adheres to ISO 50001 principles and aligns with our ambitious Climate Change Action Plan. Energy efficiency is essential to reducing emissions, helps residents save on energy costs and most importantly, is the key to driving transformative change in advancing our City’s climate action goals. Our fourth plan will help us continue to make informed decisions as we move towards a net-zero emissions future. I’m incredibly proud of the team for all their hard work over the years to successfully complete each plan.” Raj Sheth, Commissioner, Corporate Services

“We’re pleased to receive this award and thank Natural Resources Canada for selecting Mississauga as one of the recipients. As a City, we’re focused on being environmental leaders and tackling climate change. Part of this work includes identifying innovative solutions in finding energy efficiencies in how we run our facilities to reduce both costs and energy emissions. By focusing on a continuous improvement framework that systematically employs data-driven and fact-based processes, our dedication to ongoing enhancement of energy performance is truly reflected in this award and we’re so grateful.” Asad Qureshi, Director, Facilities and Property Management


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