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Mississauga’s Proposed 2019 Development Charges By-law Now Available for Public Comment

The City of Mississauga’s proposed 2019 Development Charges (DC) By-law is now available for public comment.

City building | April 22, 2019

The City of Mississauga’s proposed 2019 Development Charges (DC) By-law is now available for public comment.

The proposed by-law presents the new DC rates and policies to be applied across the City to help pay for the infrastructure required to support growth. Property developers must pay these charges before the City issues a building permit to:

  • Build new homes or residential units
  • Redevelop existing housing where the number of residential units increase
  • Build new non-residential developments
  • Redevelop existing non-residential property where the gross floor area increases

“Development Charges ensure that growth in the City is primarily paid for by growth,”

said Jeff Jackson, Director, Finance and Treasurer. “The funds collected through DCs help pay for the facilities and infrastructure residents rely on every day, such as libraries and community centres, as well as fire and transit stations. DCs help pay for the cost of infrastructure that would otherwise have to be paid for by the property tax or other revenue sources.”

The City collects DCs under the authority of the Provincial Development Charges Act, 1997. The DC By-law is reviewed every five years.

Comments on the proposed 2019 Development Charges By-law and on the supporting background studies can be sent to All comments received prior to the enactment of the new by-law will be considered.

Residents can also attend Council on May 8 at 9 a.m. to comment on the draft background studies and 2019 DC By-law. To be placed on the agenda, please complete an online request or contact the City Clerk’s Office through our Citizen Contact Centre at 3-1-1 or 905-615-4311 if outside city limits.

The proposed DC By-law and background study will go to City Council for approval at the June 5, 2019 Council meeting.

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