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Mississauga’s Stormwater Charge Addresses Infrastructure Renewal and Climate Change Pressures

City services | August 11, 2021

Stormwater is rain and melted snow that flows from residential, commercial and other properties and into a stormwater system. With climate change, more intense and frequent rainfall is putting a strain on Mississauga’s critical and often unseen stormwater infrastructure.

The City owns more than $5.2 billion in stormwater infrastructure, including more than 1,900 kilometres of underground storm sewer pipes, more than 51,000 storm drains (catchbasins), 270 km of ditches, more than 150 km of creeks and 81 stormwater management facilities.

The City’s stormwater system provides important benefits to all who live and work in Mississauga. It collects stormwater from properties and carries it to a receiving waterbody. Managing this system lessens the risk of flooding, reduces creek erosion and protects water quality. This is important as it protects you, your property, aquatic habitats, wildlife and Lake Ontario.

The City’s Stormwater Charge has been in place since 2016. It is a dedicated funding source used for long-term planning and new capital construction and improvement – like replacing aging stormwater infrastructure. It is also used to maintain stormwater infrastructure through day-to-day operations and repairs. The Stormwater Charge ensures that Mississauga’s stormwater system is in good working order while planning for costly repairs in the future. It is not a tax but a separate ‘user-pay’ charge calculated based on the amount of hard surface on your property. If you are a property owner in Mississauga, the charge appears on your Region of Peel water bill.

For those who are interested, the City’s Stormwater Credit program provides multi-residential and non-residential property owners the opportunity to reduce their Stormwater Charge by implementing and maintaining stormwater management practices on their property.

The Stormwater Charge has made a real difference in the delivery of the City’s stormwater program.  To learn more about the City’s stormwater program and dedicated Charge, visit or call 311.


The City’s Stormwater Charge supports the delivery of infrastructure projects like the stormwater management pond at Saigon Park to help reduce the risk of flooding and protect water quality.
The City’s Stormwater Charge supports the delivery of infrastructure projects to reduce the risk of erosion in our local creeks like erosion control works on Cooksville Creek.


Mississauga’s Stormwater System

Mississauga’s Stormwater Charge


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