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MiWay extends Fare Discount Program for children and seniors until end of 2024

The General Committee recently announced plans to extend MiWay's fare discount pilot program until the end of 2024, as part of its commitment to improving transit accessibility and affordability in Mississauga.

City services | April 10, 2024

In a move to further support the community and enhance transit accessibility and affordability in Mississauga, it was announced at General Committee, that MiWay will be extending the fare discount pilot program to the end of 2024. Initially set to conclude in April 2024, the pilot program will continue offering free fares for children aged 6 to 12 and all-day $1 fares for seniors 65 and over, until Tuesday, December 31, 2024.

Key highlights and program extension

During the initial pilot phase, MiWay observed a remarkable 109 per cent increase in ridership compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019, with substantial growth among adult and student fare categories. However, children and senior ridership levels had not fully rebounded to pre-pandemic figures, prompting the need for the program extension to encourage more consistent usage among these demographics.

“With this initiative, our goal is to encourage more families and seniors to adopt MiWay as their main mode of transportation, giving them a firsthand look at how transit can be affordable, safe, reliable and convenient,” said Eve Wiggins, Director of Transit. “For individuals who haven’t tried public transit, we’re encouraging them to participate in this pilot programs if they are eligible. As a reminder, children and seniors need to have their PRESTO cards set to the appropriate fare category for their age group. And for seniors, there’s also the option to pay with a $1 cash fare.”

City Council, upon recommendation from the Commissioner of Transportation and Works, agreed to extend the program until the end of the year. This decision aligns with the City’s strategic goals of developing a transit-oriented city, ensuring affordability and accessibility for all.

Financial impact

The anticipated financial impact of the extended program includes a projected revenue decrease of $950,000, with $200,000 attributed to child fares and $750,000 to senior fares. Despite this, the increase in adult and youth ridership is expected to offset the decrease, maintaining a balanced budget while promoting greater transit use among all age groups.

MiWay is committed to analyzing the extended program’s impact closely, aiming to make informed decisions on future program deliveries as part of the City’s overall budget program.

Wiggins added, “The extension is a testament to MiWay’s dedication to making transit more affordable and accessible, particularly for children and seniors, that prioritizes public transportation for all.”

The final approval for the fare discount pilot program is scheduled to go to Council on Wednesday, April 17.

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