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Most Fires are Preventable: Home Safe Home Campaign Kicks Off in Mississauga

Local government | April 25, 2016

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) want you to open your door this Spring and Summer when fire crews come knocking to talk about fire safety.

Home Safe Home (HSH) is a free city-wide education and awareness program that teaches residents about fire prevention and life safety. Until September, fire crews will be going door to door distributing fire safety materials and conducting fire safety surveys to ensure that residents have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

“In Mississauga we are on a mission to zero – zero deaths and zero injuries due to fire,” said Jamie Zimmerman, Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention and Life Safety, MFES. “It should be unacceptable in today’s society for people to die in fires. Most fires are 100 per cent preventable. Think about it. It’s up to you.”

According to Zimmerman, there are three simple steps that could mean the difference between life and death which are:

During Home Safe Home, MFES encourages anyone with elderly parents or neighbours to check on them often, help them check their alarms and talk to them about their fire escape plans.

“We need to work together to influence and improve behaviour when it comes to fire safety,” added Zimmerman. “Be your family’s hero and keep them safe. There’s no excuse when it’s so easy to do.”

Birnie CurrentSAFE, a Mississauga-based electrical contractor has partnered with MFES for a third year to help spread the home fire safety message.

“We are proud to partner with MFES in their mission to save lives and prevent catastrophic losses,” said Tim Birnie, President, Birnie CurrentSAFE. “We have the same goal – to keep families and their homes safe.”

For information about the program, visit or call Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, Fire Prevention and Life Safety at 905-896-5908.

To request a free HSH visit, call MFES Headquarters at 905-615-3777.

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