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Queen Victoria Never Partied like This! Long Weekend Fun at Celebration Square

Official start of summer on the Square.

Entertainment and activities | May 14, 2018

The summer weather has RSVP’d yes to the ROAR’ing dinosaur party taking place over the Victoria Day long weekend at Mississauga Celebration Square (MCS).

Pep Rally sponsored by Pizza Pizza is the official start to summer on the Square and what better way to celebrate than with a dinosaur, a robot and a confetti dance party. You read that right!

Prehistoric meets high-tech during this year’s festivities. From the MCS Robot, a life-sized dinosaur named Russel T. Wrecks and a dino petting zoo, to a 25-ft prehistoric rock-climbing wall, you won’t just want to follow the Square’s Instagram stories – you need to be there to take it all in.

When the fatigue sets in from dancing to the beats dropped by DJ Andre 905 and digging in the Dino Excavation Pits, kids of all ages can take a seat for story time with CBC Toronto’s Weather Specialist Karen Johnson and special guest Dot.

Herbivore or carnivore, it doesn’t matter. The onsite food trucks will have something for everyone. Summer will be ready to go, so visitors can stay cool by splashing the day away in the dino-sized fountain.

Pep Rally – Details

Pep Rally 2018

Mississauga Celebration Square
300 City Centre Dr.

Monday, May 21, 2018 (Victoria Day)

Noon to 4 p.m.


Fireworks Safety

Fireworks won’t be happening on Celebration Square this Victoria Day weekend so if you decide to go home and use fireworks, think safety first and take the time to review the City’s Fireworks By-Law 293-01.

By-law Highlights

  • No fireworks can be set off on a public street or roadway within Mississauga at any time.
  • No fireworks can be set off in a park at any time without a valid approved permit.
  • No person shall hold a public fireworks display without a permit issued by the Fire Chief.
  • Fireworks should only be purchased from a licensed retailer permitted to sell fireworks to the general public within the City of Mississauga as per By-Law 340-01.

Fireworks Safety Tips

  • Choose an area that measures at least 30 metres by 30 metres and is free of obstructions.
  • Carefully read the instructions on each fireworks.
  • Check wind direction and wind speed and keep a large pail of water nearby.
  • For a good launching site, bury the device up to half its length in the ground or in a pail or box filled with sand.
  • During the show, wear safety goggles.
  • Keep all spectators at least 20 metres away.
  • Do not allow children to set off fireworks.
  • Never attempt to set off fireworks that have misfired.
  • Do not put fireworks in your pockets, do not throw them and do not keep them in your hand.


Media Contact:
Lindsay Noronha
Communications Advisor, Community Services
City of Mississauga
905-615-3200, ext. 3940
TTY: 905-896-5151