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Seven Garden Activities to Try Out this Garden Month

Entertainment and activities | April 25, 2019

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get your hands dirty. Channel your inner green thumb and get outside to enjoy what Mother Nature has given us for garden month. It’s that time of year to dust off your trowel, put on your gloves and prepare to plant some flowers.

To celebrate garden month, consider trying out these gardening activities:

1) Visit some pollinator gardens for inspiration

The City of Mississauga has new pollinator-friendly gardens in Streetsville, Dr. Martin L. Dobkin Park and at Port Credit Library that contain perennial flowers and plants to attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Be sure to stop by these gardens if you’re in the area!

2) Plan your indoor or outdoor garden

Need some plantspiration? Take some time to research the best plants for your home, balcony, patio or yard. You want to make sure that the plants you choose will thrive in the location you plant it whether it’s succulents, bushes or flowers.

3) Plant pollinator-friendly flowers or create a bee house

Whether you have a yard, porch, balcony or a small outdoor space, you can always plant pollinator-friendly flowers. A pollinator garden can be any size and helps attract pollinators, like bees and butterflies, to help plants produce fruits and seeds. You can also build a bee house to provide a nesting site for bees.

4) Build a rain garden

Every time it rains or snows, the water that runs off roofs, roads and driveways is known as stormwater. This water can collect pollutants like dirt, fertilizer, chemicals, oil, garbage and bacteria if these are present on the ground. To help keep stormwater clean, you can build a rain garden. A rain garden contains soil and plants to help slow down the runoff and allow it to soak into the soil where it’s cooled and cleaned. By planting a rain garden, you can help restore the natural water cycle while protecting local groundwater, creeks, rivers, lakes, fish and our drinking water source – Lake Ontario.

5) Take a walk at a garden in Mississauga

If you’re looking to see some stunning gardens this spring, you can visit RiverwoodHancock WoodlandsBrueckner Rhododendron Gardens and Kariya Park. Grab your friends, family or date and take them out to see some beautiful flowers at these great parks and gardens in Mississauga.

6) Try planting fruits, vegetables or microgreens in your garden

Looking to cut down your grocery bill this spring and summer? Consider planting lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers in your garden. You can also plant herbs like basil, dill, mint or thyme. Not only will you save money, you’ll also be able to eat your delicious hard work.

7) Conserve water

Saving water in the garden is just as important as in the home. Conserving water not only helps the planet but also your bank account. Be sure to only water your garden when the soil is dry – if it’s damp, it’s fine. You can also consider placing a rain barrel at the end of your downspout to collect rainwater to use for your garden.

Now that the winter weather is finally over, it’s a good time to enjoy the sun and collect some vitamin D while you’re out gardening at home or enjoying the gardens in Mississauga.