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Strategic Plan: The Future of Mississauga Celebration Square

Local government | June 3, 2015

Today at General Committee, City Council learned about a strategic plan for Mississauga Celebration Square (MCS) that focuses on five goals which are as follows:

  • Mississauga Celebration Square will be a leading civic square
  • Mississauga Celebration Square will grow and attract events with tourism appeal
  • Mississauga Celebration Square will be a showcase for digital technology
  • Mississauga Celebration Square will be a welcome community space; and
  • Mississauga Celebration Square will be a stage for creative industry development

“These goals provide us with a clear vision for the Square over the next 10 years,” said Paul Damaso, Acting Director, Culture. “They will help guide us on matters related to operations, capital investment and future programming priorities.”

To achieve these strategic goals, the City has committed to a number of activities which include:

  • Produce the premier Canada Day celebration in the Greater Toronto Area. Time frame: Two to three years.
  • Produce a winter lighting program that will position Mississauga’s downtown as a winter destination. Time frame: Two to three years.
  • Facilitate ways for audiences within Mississauga and beyond to experience programming remotely through television broadcasting and internet streaming. Time frame: Two to three years.
  • Undertake a design strategy to continuously improve site navigation and accessibility for all. Time frame: Two to three years.
  • Incorporate functional public art to provide seating, shade, fountains, play equipment, etc. Time frame: Two to three years.

According to Damaso, the project team connected with more than 1,100 MCS visitors through two online surveys and talked to more than 50 municipal staff. They met with the Mayor and each member of Council. They also engaged more than 20 arts and culture organizations, clients, local partners and subject matter experts through focus groups and individual meetings.

“Our vision is to make Mississauga Celebration Square the premier venue for outdoor events, creative expression and memorable experiences,” said Melissa Agius, Manager, Celebration Square, Culture. “More food options, an expanded reading room and children’s programming are examples of what we will see more of on the Square in the future.”

Council also learned about a public art piece entitled The Book by artist Ilan Sandler that was donated to the City in December 2014. Council will provide direction on location for the piece in the fall.

The corporate report will go to council on June 10 for approval.

Following a $40 million redevelopment in 2011, Mississauga Celebration Square (MCS) is an outdoor public square and state-of-the-art multi-media event venue complete with a permanent main stage, amphitheatre and water fountain that transforms into Mississauga’s largest outdoor skating rink each winter.

Mississauga Celebration Square hosts a dynamic mix of free events and festivals throughout the year. The summer season offers an eclectic variety of events, including weekly movie nights and fitness classes, concerts, Canada Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations, food truck rallies and much more. In addition to a programmed venue, the square serves as a “living room” for local residents by providing space for passive recreation and gathering. In 2014, MCS attracted over 580,000 visitors to 55 events held over 143 days.

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