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Survey Finds 89 Per cent of Mississauga Residents Rate Quality of Life as Excellent or Good

Local government | October 1, 2019

The City of Mississauga received high scores from residents for their overall quality of life according to the 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. The results are based on responses of over 1,100 randomly selected Mississauga residents that were 18 years of age or older. The survey results showed 89 per cent of citizens rated their quality of life in the city as excellent or good, while 81 per cent of citizens are satisfied with the programs and services provided by the City. The survey gives residents a platform to share, voice and measure their satisfaction with municipal services, city operations, customer service and service delivery. This year’s survey maintains a consistent and positive trend of strong results indicating that residents recognize that the City is responsive in meeting their daily needs.

“As Mayor of a diverse and flourishing city, I’m pleased to know that our citizen satisfaction rates remain very strong and that our residents are proud to say they are from Mississauga,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “This demonstrates that we’re making the right decisions, along with investing in services and amenities that not only meet the needs of our residents but ensure they enjoy a quality of life second to none.”

Council and City staff use the findings of the survey to better understand the perceptions and attitudes of residents on a range of topics related to the City. This information helps to inform business planning activities.

“These results help inform the City’s direction and work to complement the overall goal of improving and sustaining the quality of life for residents. Based on this year’s survey results, affordable housing, transportation, the economy, environment and safety are all priorities that are top of mind for our residents,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “The results also help the City make strategic investments, adapt to changing environments and plan for the future.”

Key findings include:

  • 92 per cent of citizens are satisfied with the job the City is doing to protect the environment
  • 90 per cent of citizens feel Mississauga is an open and welcoming community
  • 89 per cent of citizens rate their quality of life in Mississauga as excellent or good
  • 88 per cent of citizens say they are proud to say they are from Mississauga
  • 82 per cent of citizens indicated they felt Mississauga’s diversity is one of its strengths
  • 72 per cent of citizens are satisfied with the City’s municipal government

The 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey was performed by Forum Research Inc. on behalf of the City. It was conducted between June 3 and 22 with 1,124 residents being surveyed.

For full survey details, including service-area results, visit


The City of Mississauga periodically conducts a Citizen Satisfaction Survey to better understand overall citizen perceptions and attitudes on a range of issues and topics related to the City, including overall quality of life in Mississauga. The survey happens every two year. The previous survey was conducted in 2017.

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